Anthony Rosano

Official Trailer Debut - A Wet Dream on Elm Street

You know, we usually don't cover things like this, but sometimes stuff comes our way that's just too goofy to ignore. Case in point: the official trailer for the upcoming adult parody A Wet Dream on Elm Street, which exposes the world to Freddy's dildo glove. Yes, dildo glove.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Images and Video - Freddy Gets Frisky in A Wet Dream on Elm Street

You just never know what we'll find in our inbox. Take this latest story for example ... The director of The Human Sexipede, Lee Roy Myers, is back dabbling within the horror genre, and this time he's parodying one of the genre's most beloved characters. That's right, pervos! Freddy is temporarily trading in his razor glove for one made of vibrators in A Wet Dream on Elm Street. Yes. You read that correctly.