Tune In for Another V/H/S Clip

Hey you. Yeah, you, sitting there reading this. Whatcha doing? Have a couple of minutes? Of course you do! Wanna see something really scary? Then check out this latest clip from V/H/S.

YOMYOMF Network and Justin Lin Release New Anthology Series on YouTube - Silent Terror

With the Halloween season approaching, everyone is gearing up for some extreme spookery, especially the good folks over on YouTube's YouOffendMeYouOffendMyFamily Network, who have something really specially cooking. Read on for details.

Take a Peek at an Alternate Ending for V/H/S

Simon Barrett offered V/H/S fans a glimpse at an alternate ending of the film recently in the form of a still, and we have it for you right here. Check it out along with an explanation of why it didn't fit and was cut. Dig it!

Dread Central Hosting Twitter Chat with V/H/S Segment Director Joe Swanberg

On Saturday, September 22nd (that's tomorrow for you space cadets not following along), we'll be taking to our Twitter account to host a special fan chat with director Joe Swanberg, who came up with the segment "The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger" from V/H/S.

Final Comic Style V/H/S Poster Slashes its Way Online!

Magnet has released Esad Ribic's comic-style one-sheet for V/H/S (review here) - the final one in the set - and we have this beauty right here for you to dig on.

Scary or Die (2012)

Starring Corbin Bleu, Bill Oberst Jr., Christopher Darga, Elizabeth Di Prinzio, PaSean Wilson Directed by Michael Emmanuel, Igor Meglic, and Bob Badway

Get Choked Out By New V/H/S Poster

The 7,087,321,493,018th new one-sheet for V/H/S (review) has arrived, and we're starting to wonder if the publicity team will be releasing one new poster for every second in the movie. Dig it!

More Comic Style V/H/S Eye Candy Comes Running

Magnet has released Tony Moore's comic-style one-sheet for V/H/S (review here), and we have this beauty right here for you to dig on. This could be our favorite one yet.

Fourth Wall Studio Unleashes Interactive Short Film The Swarming

Fourth Wall Studios has a new nightmare for you with The Swarming, the newest installment of their Dark Wall anthology that airs on Rides.tv. Take a look, and be sure your cell phone is charged!

Exclusive Comic Style V/H/S Poster

Another comic-style one-sheet in promotion of V/H/S (review) has come our way from Magnet and artist Jason Latour, and we're happy to share this one with you cats exclusively!

Clear View of Bloody V/H/S Clip

A week or so ago we received a large box in the mail. Inside was a VCR wrapped in blood-stained paper along with an equally stained box containing an unmarked video cassette. We bootlegged the clip for you then, but now we have the whole enchilada!

New V/H/S Poster Enjoys a Second Honeymoon

A new one-sheet for V/H/S (review) (available now on VOD) is here. It was inspired by one of the flick's segments, and we have it say it's pretty friggin' wicked. Check it out!

New Red Band V/H/S Clip Sucks You Up!

Still on the fence about whether or not you should watch V/H/S (review) on VOD? Well then, maybe this latest red band clip will make your decision easier. Check it out!

Robert Steven Rhine’s Satan’s 3-Ring Circus of Hell Getting a Re-Release

Forgot those circuses known as the RNC and DNC, and take a trip to Satan's 3-Ring Circus of Hell instead as Robert Steven Rhine’s massive graphic horror anthology gets a re-release from Asylum Press just in time for Halloween.