New Info on The Profane Exhibit

News on the upcoming anthology film The Profane Exhibit continues to pour across my scalpel and syringe-littered desk at an alarming rate. (As a doctor, I keep all the most important tools right at hand, rusty or otherwise). And it seems each time we get an update, it's more impressive than the last. This one is no different.

What Horrors Lurk in This Latest Anthology?

More spooky indie shenanigans are on the way with the first word on the latest horror anthology Lurk, and we have everything you need to whet the old proverbial appetite right here!

Check out The Resolution, First Short in Upcoming Anthology Film

Have you ever been really wrong about something? I don't mean something little like picking the wrong horse in a race or thinking that a young Chastity Bono would be the next Bo Derek. I mean REALLY wrong ... like thinking, "I'm sure this ex-prostitute/recovering meth-head will make a great stepmom for my kids. She's an EX-prostitute and RECOVERING meth-head." In the new short film The Resolution, we see a guy make a REALLY wrong move.

Another New Director Announced for the Profane Exhibit

David Bond and Manda Manuel, producers of the upcoming anthology film The Profane Exhibit, are proud to announce the name of another of the film's directors. And with such movies as Tokyo Gore Police and Helldriver to his credit, this one fits right in.

It's Ladies Night in New Anthology Film 'Shy of Normal' and Documentary 'Screaming in High Heels'

"Hey, somebody get some light over here; Trash is taking off her clothes again." I remember those words like it was yesterday. And I should; I watched that scene of Linnea Quigley disrobing enough times to render my VHS copy of The Return of the Living Dead basically unwatchable. At least for that minute or so of the film. And it's with loving memories like this one that we celebrate our favorite scream queens in two new projects dropping this fall.

Exclusive Clip: George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Volume 2

Another edition of the anthology DVD series George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Volume 2 is well on its way, and we've scored an exclusive clip from one of the segments for you! Dig it!

Another Maniacal Announcement from The Profane Exhibit

If you've been following along, you've gotten every bit of information we can squeeze out of the creators of The Profane Exhibit anthology film. We've given you some directors, stars and stills. Here's some more for you ... chew on this announcement of yet another director joining the project.

Get a Glimpse of New Anthology Sinister Visions

Anthology films are suddenly all the rage with The ABC's of Death and The Profane Exhibit both in production right now. And what better way to showcase a whole ass-load of talent all in one concise package? You can now add a new title to this growing list of films ... Sinister Vision.

Two New Stills from The Profane Exhibit's The Good Wife Segment Released

Here at Dread Central we've been closely following every announcement from the upcoming The Profane Exhibit, an anthology film that will feature ten of the most extreme young horror directors in the business today. And now we've got a couple of new stills to keep you drooling over this project.

Trailer and Artwork for George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Volume 2

We're not gonna beat around the bush here ... Deadtime Stories Volume 1 was pretty terrible. Hopefully the gang behind this truly good anthology premise can get their act together and deliver with its sequel.

New Info on The Profane Exhibit Anthology Segment Manna

Dread Central is closely following updates on the upcoming anthology film The Profane Exhibit. Last week we announced three of the ten directors involved in the project. This week some new info has dropped on Manna, the Michael Todd Schneider directed segment of The Profane Exhibit.

The ABCs of Death - All Twenty-Five Directors Named

Drafthouse Films, Magnet Pictures and Timpson Films have announced the full roster of directors signed on to participate in their international co-production The ABCs Of Death, an anthology horror film featuring segments directed by over two dozen leading talents in contemporary genre film from around the world.

First Three Directors of The Profane Exhibit Anthology Film Announced

Dread Central has gotten wind of a secretive project being developed entitled The Profane Exhibit, a new anthology film dealing with the nature of corruption that looks to be a no-holds barred shocker. Although just a few slivers of information have been leaked about this ten-part compilation, what we've seen thus far indicates some serious pushing of the boundaries of good taste, and we've got high hopes for it.

Killer Shorts 2 Now Available on DVD

Back in June of 2009 writer/director Michael Wade Johnson's anthology project Killer Shorts hit DVD, and now Killer Shorts 2, a 100-minute movie shot in Tennessee and North Carolina, is getting ready for a spin around the film festival circuit. It's also already available to order on DVD.