Trailer Arrives Online for Gallery of Fear

The official trailer for horror anthology film Gallery of Fear just arrived online, and it contains an amazing amount of screaming, creepy characters doing bad things to each other. The film is made up of four stories, and the lovely Debbie Rochon ties them all together as Ms. Roberta Van Houten.

V/H/S (2012)

Starring Calvin Reeder, Lane Hughes, Adam Wingard Directed by David Bruckner, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, Joe Swanberg, Ti West, Adam Wingard

Sundance 2012: V/H/S Acquired by Magnolia Pictures

Despite reports of the film causing moviegoers to pass out - or perhaps because of them - Magnolia Pictures has acquired North American rights to the Bloody Disgusting Selects Sundance Midnight entry V/H/S for low seven figures. Plans are for a theatrical release in the fall and then VOD.

Scary or Die Anthology Trailer Premiere

In 2010 the folks behind Scary or Die announced that they were accepting content from filmmakers which would be distributed later on in the future. That time is now, and we have the first trailer to prove it to you.

Richard Stanley Joins The Profane Exhibit

We've been following the progress of upcoming anthology film The Profane Exhibit pretty closely around these parts, and now that word has come that Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil, The Theatre Bizarre) has joined the team, we're even more excited!

CONTEST CLOSED! Bordello Death Tales Struts its Way to DVD; If You're in the UK, You Can Win a Copy

Bordello Death Tales has sashayed its way onto DVD, and if you live in the UK/Ireland, here's your chance to get a free copy of the film. The blood-soaked three-part anthology film follows stories emanating from Madame Raven's Bordello... a great place to spend the weekend!

YouTube Wants to Show You Its BlackBoxTV

Back around Halloween 2011 Google announced it would be creating 100+ "channels" on YouTube for original programming, generating about 25 hours of new programming per day; and one such channel just announced during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is BlackBoxTV, which is striving to be the destination for the horror, thriller, and sci-fi crowd on YouTube. Considering its pedigree, it just might pull it off!

Malaysian Tales of Terror Told in Klip 3GP

Malaysia is ready to throw its hat into the horror anthology arena with the latest fright-filled import from director Aidilfitri Mohamed Yunos, Klip 3GP, and we have a trailer and more for you right here. Check it out!

New Trailer Takes You Into The Theatre Bizarre

It's trailer time, kids, and this one has been a long time coming! Sit back, relax, make sure no one is looking, and get ready for your first inside look at the horrific perversions of The Theatre Bizarre!

Is The Theatre Bizarre Playing Near You? Find Out Now!

The first theatres have been announced that will be showing the upcoming anthology flick The Theatre Bizarre, and of course we have them for you right here. Road trip maybe?

Make a Date with The Theatre Bizarre

One anthology we're really looking forward to seeing around these parts is without question The Theatre Bizarre. Especially since there's already a sequel in the works. So when will you be able to dig the original?

Exclusive: Simon Rumley on the Challenging Nature of Little Deaths, Music in Cinema and More

Get set, Dreadheads; Image Entertainment is about to release the critically acclaimed horror anthology Little Deaths (review here) on unrated DVD. Directed by the UK filmmaking trio of Andrew Parkinson, Sean Hogan and Simon Rumley, the flick features three titillating and depraved tales of sex, power and retribution, all exploring just what can happen when these universal themes are violated in unspeakable ways.

Little Deaths (DVD)

Starring Luke de Lacey, Siubhan Harrison, Daniel Brocklebank, Brendan Gregory, Jodie Jameson, Tom Sawyer, Kate Braithwaite

Gruesome First Image From The ABCs of Death

While we're uncertain at this point which letter of the alphabet director Xavier Gens will be tackling for the upcoming mega-anthology The ABC's of Death, the director has shared the first still from his piece. We approve. We totally approve.

Check Out the Mind-Blowing Body Count in The Summer of Massacre

Lots of horror films claim to have insane body counts. However, only one claims to have had it verified by Guinness World Records. The Summer of Massacre anthology film boasts eight slashers introduced across five stories throughout the film and a body count that may be the biggest of all time. Wow, that's quite the pile of dead.