Things Go Bump in this Exclusive Sanitarium Clip

This New Year's Eve, before you pop the champagne, sit back, relax, and dig on this exclusive clip from the latest horror anthology to go bump in the night, Sanitarium. Then feel free to tell this year to go screw itself.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Sanitarium Along With a $50 Gift Card to Go Nuts With

With the release of Sanitarium upon us, we have your chance to score a copy from Dread Central along with a $50 gift card to get a little crazy with. We're good like that. Just remember to buy us something cool, mmkay?

When Red Snow Melts Brings 80k Words of Yuletide Terror!

Given all the headaches that come with the holiday season, when someone shows us artwork that includes a teddy bear getting blinded with a candy cane, our immediate reaction is to hug them. If you're in this same sleigh, read on!

Death by VHS (DVD)

Starring Kat Garcia, David C. Hayes, Victoria Paege, Tyler Gallant, Scarlet Fry Directed by Scarlet Fry, David Sabal, Walter Ruether

Italian Horror Masters Team Up For Anthology Film The Book

If you're a fan of Italian horror films and your list of favorite filmmakers includes names like Ruggero Deodato and Lamberto Bava, then boy, are you in for a treat. Read on for all the details about an exciting upcoming horror anthology called The Book, which will only get funded with YOUR help!

Lots of German Angst on Display in this New Anthology

No, German Angst is not a Uwe Boll biopic, although that would seem pretty damned appropriate. What we have here, kids, is a new anthology film featuring the works of Jorg Buttgereit (Nekromantik, Der Todesking), Andreas Marchall (Tears of Kali, Masks), and Michael Kosakowoski (Zero Killed).

AFM 2013: Ladies Get Lethal in New Horror Anthology XX

Around here we love our horror-loving ladies. Adore them in fact! That's why we're excited to report that an all-new female-centric anthology is on its way with some great names attached! Read on for details.

See Anthology Film Hi-8 in Los Angeles for Free

Nightfall Pictures and Twisted Illusions proudly present a new anthology film entitled Hi-8 (which stands for Horror. Independent. 8 Filmmakers), and you can see it in LA on November 10 for free!

In The Dark Anthology Series Adds New Segment To Be Loved to the Fold

Fans that remember the In The Dark anthology shorts "The Keeper" and "Dummy" will be happy to know that even though the group has been quiet for a while, they've just arisen with a trailer for their new segment, "To Be Loved."

Go Nuts for This Exclusive Trailer Premiere for Sanitarium

A new horror anthology is on its way that is sporting some big horror names, and we've got an exclusive look at the official trailer for you right here! Time to decide if this is gonna be one Sanitarium that you're hungry to check in to.

Little Deaths (UK DVD)

Starring Luke de Lacey, Holly Lucas, Jodie Jameson, Daniel Brocklebank, Tom Sawyer, Kate Braithwaite

Help Fund Short Story Anthology Cadaver Bone to Benefit Good Cause

Typically when someone takes to a fundraising platform like IndieGoGo, it's to raise money so that they can make a film or a product that they can't afford to make themselves. But this campaign's a little bit different and the money raised from it is going towards a much better cause than usual.

Classic Anthology Film The Monster Club Goes Blu-ray

In 1981 I discovered a little horror anthology called The Monster Club and have been in love with it ever since. Vincent Price, John Carradine, and a boatload of monsters? What's not to like? Thankfully the flick is on its way to Blu-ray for the very first time. Read on for details.

D is for Directors - Full Roster of Filmmakers Revealed for ABCs of Death 2!

If you were a fan of last year's mega-sized anthology ABCs of Death, then you'll be very excited to know that a sequel is already in development. Read on for the full roster of 25 directors who will be teaching you the ABCs this time around and to find out how YOU can be the 26th!

Meet the Genre's Up and Coming Filmmakers in Short Film Anthology Shortcuts to Hell!

At Dread Central we love short films, and the thought of 26 of them rolled into one, directed by up and coming horror filmmakers, gets us excited. No, it's not ABCs of Death: Part 2, but the UK's Shortcuts to Hell looks to deliver the same horrifying thrills and chills!