AnnaLynne McCord

UK DVD and Blu-ray to Undergo Excision

Just recently announced as having its UK premiere at this year’s Film4 FrightFest Halloween All-Nighter, director Richard Bates, Jr.’s highly anticipated Excision is now set to shock shelves across the pond on DVD and Blu-ray this November 12th courtesy of Monster Pictures.

New Excision Clips Land You in the Principal's Office for Counseling

Two new clips from the Sundance sensation Excision (review) are here to scold you accordingly for your bizarre behavior and then some. Check 'em out!

First Excison Clip Gives You the Bird

And the throng of Monday news continues for you cats as the first clip from the Sundance sensation Excision (review) is here and ready to engage in some good old-fashioned psycho-driven malpractice!

Excision - New Stills and Official Blu-ray / DVD Art

Anchor Bay just released the official home video artwork and some new stills for the Sundance sensation Excision (review here)! Oh, the carnage to come. Read on for details!

Excision Comes Just in Time for Halloween!

Anchor Bay just released word on when we'll be able to sink our bloody claws into the long awaited Sundance sensation Excision (review here)! Oh, the carnage to come. Read on for the first details, and look for artwork soon!

Official Trailer for Excision Cuts Like a Knife

On tap next for you cats is the official trailer for the Sundance sensation Excision (review here). Please, Anchor Bay ... give this one to us immediately!

Not Safe for Work Excision Trailer Brings the Pain

On tap next for you cats is the NOT SAFE FOR WORK trailer for the Sundance sensation Excision (review here). Make sure no one is looking before you watch.

Regal New Excision Sales Art

Some new sales art for Excision (review here) has hit the interwebs, and as always we had our eye candy catcher's mitt on! You may wanna bow down to it, too, or else you're likely to lose your head and lord knows what else. Check it out!

Anchor Bay Takes Excision

With all of the buzz surrounding the film Excision (review here) coming out of Sundance, we knew it wouldn't be long before someone snapped it up. Speaking of which...

Sundance 2012: Excision Q&A Transcript

Sundance may be over, but we've still got one more tidbit of goodness on tap for ya! A transcript of the Q&A with the director of the highly praised and depraved little flick Excision (review here), Richard Bates, Jr.!

Excision (2012)

Starring AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords, Ariel Winter Directed by Richard Bates Jr.

Take a Trip to Bad Girl Island on January 24th

What's our favorite kind of girl? Bad girls of course! Which is why we're intrigued by the new came-out-of-nowhere flick Bad Girl Island that's hitting DVD and Internet VOD on January 24th from Freestyle Digital Media. Read on for the details!

Sundance 2012: Festival One-Sheet for Excision Rises Up

We're getting closer to the big dance known as the Sundance Film Festival, and as always Dread Central will be on the scene bringing you the news and reviews. Next up, the festival one-sheet for the gory little terror trip known as Excision.

Sundance 2012: First Excision Stills Get Messy!

Man, is it really that time of the year already? You betcha! With the 2012 Sundance Film Festival gearing up to deliver the goods, we've started digging around the horror selections for you cats, and guess what?!? We landed some gory stills from Excision. Dig it!