Anna Silk

A Clip from Lost Girl Episode 1.04 - Faetal Attraction

We haven't heard much feedback so far regarding Syfy's "Lost Girl" (we have a few episodes recorded but haven't had a chance to watch yet), but hopefully you guys are enjoying it. To help get you ready for next Monday's episode, here's a sneak peek clip from Episode 1.04, "Faetal Attraction".

A Trio of Teasers for Syfy's Lost Girl

With its January 16th premiere date quickly approaching, Syfy has released a few more teaser clips from Canadian import "Lost Girl", and of course we have the full set right here for your viewing pleasure. Since the lead character is a Succubus who feeds off sexual energy, we'd say "pleasure" is the operative word here!

A New Promo Video for Syfy's Lost Girl

We're definitely looking forward to checking out Syfy's new series "Lost Girl" when it premieres next Monday, January 16th, and to help you decide if you'll be watching as well, we have a new promo video/TV spot for the show.

A Few Sneak Peeks of Syfy's Lost Girl

We haven't heard much from Syfy about the Canadian series "Lost Girl" that the network acquired back in May of this year, but now that its January 16th premiere date (the same night "Being Human" returns) is quickly approaching, they've released a trio of promo videos and sneak peeks, and of course we have them for you right here.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Meet the Cast and Creator of Syfy's Lost Girl

Syfy is bringing a few cast members and the creator of the Canadian series "Lost Girl", which the network acquired back in May of this year, to the San Diego Comic-Con. Mark your calendars for Friday, July 22nd at 7:30 pm (Room 24ABC) for the panel.