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More New True Blood Season Four Teaser Posters

Nothing says "horror" quite like using a color palette comprised of red, black, and white; and nothing says "wow" quite like the new Show Your True Colors poster campaign for "True Blood" Season Four. Read on to see the goods HBO provided fans today.

Teaser Poster for True Blood Season Four - Feed Your Addiction

Fans of HBO's "True Blood" are well beyond the "Waiting Sucks" phase. Now their withdrawal from the show is in full-blown mode, and all they want is to feed their addiction. Help is on the way in the form of a new teaser poster and a website where they can reach out to fellow Truebies, watch clips, and more!

A New Sneak Peek at True Blood Season Four

HBO is starting to pull out the big promo guns with regard to the June 26th premiere of "True Blood" Season Four as it gave "Extra" correspondent Mario Lopez a sneak peek of what fans cans expect this year. Of course we have it right here for you to see!

Another New True Blood Teaser: Witches vs. Vampires

The June 26th premiere of "True Blood" Season 4 is just a few short weeks away, and this latest teaser promises some good ol' witch-on-vampire action. Oh, yes, there's a new coven in town!

Scream 4 HUGE Overseas. Scream 5 on its Way?

Yes, Scream 4 suffered some truly dismal box office results here in the States. To say it did poorly is basically an understatement. But in foreign territories? The flick is on fire, and for that reason we just may be seeing a Scream 5. In any interview with MTV Harvey Weinstein dropped the following on eager fans ...

True Blood Season 4 Gets a Real Trailer

After what seemed like a really long wait, the popular vampire show that continues to confound me finally has an actual trailer. None of that pointless teaser nonsense. This one actually shows some stuff that I'm sure makes sense to the fans.

Dimension Teases Scream 5

Yes, Scream 4 was a disaster at the box office, raking in only a fraction of its budget. Still, that's not stopping Dimension from taking to Twitter to start teasing a fifth entry into the franchise. "How much do you love @Scream4? How badly do you want #Scream5? Come up with a clever tweet and we'll RT!" challenged the official Dimension Films Twitter account.

New True Blood Season 4 Teaser and Premiere Synopsis

Lest anyone think the folks behind "True Blood" have forgotten about the regulars what with all the new blood that'll be appearing in Season 4 of the series, this new promo, entitled "Screen Test" is all about showing love to the original cast members. Check it out, and then read on for the synopsis of "She's Not There", the season opener.

More on the Scream 4 You DIDN'T See

And by "didn't see" we're talking about stuff that was changed in the final cut of the film and not stuff you just didn't bother going to the theatre to check out. Will we get an extended cut on Blu-ray? Given Scream 4's box office performance (or lack thereof) we'll find out soon enough.

An Invitation to the Set of True Blood Season Four

After months of waiting (which still sucks, by the way), fans of "True Blood" were given a short but sweet taste of what's in store for them in Season Four of the popular HBO series by way of a new video that goes on the set and includes quick soundbites from creator/executive producer Alan Ball along with just about everyone in the cast.

Sam Returns for More Trick 'r Treat Mayhem!

Remember back on April 1st when we did a news story about the possibility of everyone's favorite lovable Halloween demon Sam from Trick 'r Treat making a return for more terror? You thought we were joking. Well apparently ... we weren't.

The Scream 4 You DIDN'T See - Alternate Opening, Ending, and More

One of the first things we noticed about Scream 4 upon watching it was that the image of a body hanging in one hell of a blood bath of a room with the words "What's Your Favorite Scary Movie" scrawled on the wall wasn't in the film. Curious what else made the cutting room floor?

Scream 4 Central - Read the Review, Watch the Clips, Check out the Interviews

It has been over a decade in the making, and after years of hoping and weeks of teasing, Scream 4 is finally here! We want to help you wade through our massive coverage to give you the essentials in one tidy compilation.

More Scream 4 Clips Sneak Online

As if our Scream 4 review wasn't enough to get your blood pumping for this weekend's theatrical release of the fourth chapter into the franchise that redefined the slasher subgenre, two more clips have found their way online!

Scream 4 Review - New Decade! New Rules! New Verdict!

The long ten-year wait is over! The moment that millions of fans around the world have been waiting for is finally here! The fourth entry into Wes Craven's much beloved Scream franchise is upon us. How does it fare? Read on for the details!