Video Dread Exclusive: Igor Writer & Director

A few weeks back myself and some of the East Coast Dread crew, including Nomad and the fantastic Heather Buckley, hit up the New York Comic Con to get our horror mugs filled to the brim with info. A lot of video came out of it, most of which features Heather chatting up horror celebs and asking some damn fine questions, but today we’re showing off our first finished piece: a chat with the writer and director of the upcoming animated film Igor!

Fox, Not Blue Sky, Animates Anubis

Just the other day we reported on a rumored adaptation of the small press title The Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilights from Bruce Zick that might be coming from Blue Sky Studios (Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age). This morning Variety confirmed and clarified the rumor, so we shall do the same!

Blue Sky to Animate Anubis?

I would love to see a company like Blue Sky Studios do something other than kids’ animation, though obviously that’s where the money is, so when I read the rumor about them nabbing rights to small press book The Anubis Tapestry, I just had to share.

Xombie X Online!

After five long years, the online animated series Xombie has finally reached its conclusion.

Spare a Dime for a Xombie?

I’ve got to give credit to the creators of the wildly popular online show Xombie for two reasons: One, they’re sick of waiting for someone in Hollywood to get their idea and throw the kind of money at them that they need to make it into a feature-length film and want to do it themselves, and two, they’re willing to ask us, the fans, for help.