Andy Fickman

Jessica Alba Becomes One of The Wright Girls

A new director and star have come on board for the American remake of the Japanese flick 2LDK, as director Kevin Connolly has been slotted to replace Andy Fickman, and Jessica Alba replaces Gemma Arterton as the lead.

Official Synopsis for The Wright Girls

The official plot crunch for the American remake of the Japanese flick, 2LDK, has come our way so we figured we'd better update you guys to keep you on top of things. Read on for the skinny!

Gemma Arterton to Become One of The Wright Girls

When news of the remake of the Japanese flick 2LDK, known as The Wright Girls, originally broke, Relativity Media was thinking about Megan Fox for the lead role. Now? Not so much. Read on for the latest.

Etan Cohen Directing Boy Scouts vs. Zombies for Paramount

After two years a director has finally been chosen to take the reins of Paramount's living dead based comedy Boy Scouts vs. Zombies, and we have all the details you need right here. Get to shambling!

Relativity Finds The Wright Girls

Another J-Horror remake is on its way from Relativity Media just in time for the European Film Market, and we've got the scoop on what's next on the old Americanized platter for ya. Check it out!

Paramount Set to Have Boy Scouts vs. Zombies

So the question beckons: Can the boy scouts help you cross over to avoid the streets filled with the flesh hungry undead? Thanks to Paramount we'll soon find out!

Boy Scouts vs. Zombies - Crossing the Streets of Horror Comedy

Thus far we've had everything you can imagine "vs. Zombies" -- Aliens, Ninjas, hell, even Plants (well, especially Plants; that game rawks!). So the question beckons ... why not give the Boy Scouts a chance?

Fickman Creates Monster Attack Network

If you smelled what The Rock is cooking this weekend then you already know that Race to Witch Mountain opened #1 at the box office. If you smell what that film's director is cooking up next you'll pick up the scent of giant monsters and a special organization that deals with them called Monster Attack Network.

Heathers: The Musical?

It's hard to think of a film that's done dark, satirical teen comedy better than Heathers, and now it looks like it's taking its little black tale to the stage ... as a musical no less. According to THR, the production is being developed by Andy Fickman, director of Race to Witch Mountain, who is making a return to his musical roots.

Exclusive: Race to Witch Mountain Interviews: Fickman, Gugino, and The Rock!

No, your eyes aren't lying. We have a story about Race to Witch Mountain here on Dread Central. Why? Because we were offered a chance to talk to "The Rock". Would you say no? Didn't think so.

Director Andy Fickman on RKO Remakes

As you may recall, RKO announced a deal with Twisted Pictures earlier last year, and as a result there has been a lot of chatter amongst the two companies about horror remakes. ComingSoon published an interview with director Andy Fickman (Race to Witch Mountain), who will be producing I Walked with a Zombie for RKO and Twisted Pictures, about some of them.

Race to Witch Mountain Trailer Live!

The first trailer for Race to Witch Mountain, the new, re-imagined, updated and reconfigured version of Escape to Witch Mountain, is now live and kicking over at Yahoo! Movies, so go check it out!

Fickman Shepherding RKO Remakes

A new development has come to light regarding the proposed remakes of classic RKO horror pictures today, with the announcement that RKO’s new horror subsidiary Roseblood would be joining with Twisted Pictures to make the remakes a reality, according to Variety.