Andrey Iskanov

Plot Revealed for The Profane Exhibit

It's a new week so that means a new update from David Bond and Manda Manuel, the producers of The Profane Exhibit. For the past few weeks we've given you the names of directors and stars of the film, along with some stills to add eye candy to the info. This week we're going to let you know exactly what The Profane Exhibit is all about.

First Three Directors of The Profane Exhibit Anthology Film Announced

Dread Central has gotten wind of a secretive project being developed entitled The Profane Exhibit, a new anthology film dealing with the nature of corruption that looks to be a no-holds barred shocker. Although just a few slivers of information have been leaked about this ten-part compilation, what we've seen thus far indicates some serious pushing of the boundaries of good taste, and we've got high hopes for it.

Philosophy of a Knife (2008)

Reviwed by Scott A. Johnson Starring Yukari Fujimoto, Yumiko Fujiwara, Svyatoslav Illiyasov Directed by Andrey Iskanov

Unearthed Readies Philosophy of a Knife

For someone whose earlier films are full of what some call “dream logic” and hallucinatory images, it seems strange that Andrey Iskanov (Visions of Suffering, Nails) would want to tackle a documentary.

Nails (DVD)

Reviewed by D.W. Bostaph Starring Alexander Shevchenko, Svyatoslav Iliyasov, Alexandra Batrumova Directed by Andrey Iskanov Distributed by Unearthed Films