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Producer's Preview of The Secret Circle Season Finale - Episode 1.22 - Family

The CW has released a "producer's preview" of tomorrow night's season finale of "The Secret Circle", entitled "Family", in which exec producer Andrew Miller sets up the theme of abusing power and the possible destruction of the Circle.

Preview of and Clip from The Secret Circle Season Finale Episode 1.22 - Family

Honestly, we could go either way when it comes to The CW renewing "The Secret Circle" or not, but we do want to see who lives and who dies when the dust clears in the Season 1 finale, entitled "Family"...and if Thomas Dekker ever raises his voice above a whisper.

A Gallery of Images from The Secret Circle Season Finale Episode 1.22 - Family

Now that "The Secret Circle" has double the dark magic - and a member who has apparently returned from the dead - we have to admit we're more than a little curious about the season finale. If you are, too, check out this batch of stills from Episode 1.22, "Family".

Producer's Previews of The Vampire Diaries Ep. 3.20 - Do Not Go Gentle and The Secret Circle Ep. 1.20 - Traitor

Season 3 is winding down for "The Vampire Diaries", and that can only mean one thing: Time for another "decade dance"! Check out a preview of Episode 3.20, "Do Not Go Gentle", with executive producer Julie Plec to prepare yourself for the murderous and romantic festivities.

Official Synopsis Arrives for The Secret Circle Season Finale Episode 1.22 - Family

The powers-that-be at The CW were waiting for the "other" Blackwell child to be revealed before releasing the synopsis for the show's season finale since it contains a few spoilers for those who might not be up-to-speed. We now have it right here... proceed at your own risk!

Producer's Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.19 - Crystal

Another Producer's Preview has come our way for The CW's "The Secret Circle", and in preparation for the show's return tomorrow night with Episode 1.19, "Crystal", Exec Producer Andrew Miller explains the Circle's efforts to find the remaining crystals for their weapon against Eben.

Exec Producer Andrew Miller Introduces Another Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.16 - Lucky

Guilty pleasure "The Secret Circle" returns to The CW tomorrow night, March 15th, and to get you geared up for it, we have a video of executive producer Andrew Miller discussing the romantic tension and symbolism to be found in Episode 1.16, "Lucky".

Andrew Miller Attacks Valentine's Day in a Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.14

The CW hasn't yet provided a clip from this week's episode of "The Secret Circle", entitled "Valentine", but we have the next best thing: a "Producer's Preview" with executive producer Andrew Miller discussing horror movies, pillow fights, and a slumber party!

The Grown-Ups Take Center Stage in a Sneak Peek of The Secret Circle Episode 1.13 - Medallion

While we may not have missed this week's episode of "The Secret Circle" quite as much as "The Vampire Diaries", we are intrigued to see exactly where the show is heading, and this sneak peek of the upcoming Episode 1.13, "Medallion", featuring Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge is definitely a step in the right direction.

Producer Previews of Tonight's Episodes of The Vampire Diaries (Our Town) and The Secret Circle (Fire/Ice)

As has become its weekly custom, The CW has released "producer previews" for tonight's episodes of "The Vampire Diaries" (#3.11, "Our Town") and "The Secret Circle (#1.11, "Fire/Ice"). The "TVD" preview is hosted by executive producer Julie Plec and co-executive producer Caroline Dries while the "TSC" preview finds executive producer Andrew Miller outlining some of his characters' desires.

Image Gallery and Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.09 - Balcoin

It's sad but true. After next week's episode "The Secret Circle" is heading off for a holiday hiatus, returning to The CW on January 5, 2012. To help ease the pain, the network has provided an image gallery and preview trailer for Episode 1.09, "Balcoin", in which Faye stirs up trouble for Cassie and Jake. After a bit of a rocky start, Faye is now one of our faves so we can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Two Clips and a Preview by Exec Producer Andrew Miller for The Secret Circle Episode 1.08 - Beneath

Just yesterday we were grumbling about the lack of extras The CW was providing fans for this week's episode of "The Secret Circle", and they must have heard us loud and clear because in addition to the huge image gallery we posted last night, they've now dropped in our laps two clips and a preview video with Executive Producer Andrew Miller, in which he reveals some secrets about tonight's Episode 1.08, "Beneath".

Andrew Miller Previews The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither; Series Given Full Season Order

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, The CW has announced a full season order for its rookie series "The Secret Circle". If you're a fan of the show, why not celebrate by watching the just released preview of tomorrow night's Episode 1.05, "Slither", hosted by executive producer Andrew Miller?

Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson Preview The Secret Circle Episode 1.04 - Heather; Two New Clips Surface

Curious about how high the danger levels of where "The Secret Circle" is headed might reach? Then you'll want to check out this preview of tonight's Episode 1.04, "Heather", hosted by executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson. We also have two new clips from the ep along with a promo video that highlights what critics are saying about the show.

Producer Previews for This Week's Episodes of The Vampire Diaires and The Secret Circle

Last week's debut pairing of "The Vampire Diaries" with "The Secret Circle" gave The CW some of its best ratings ever, and that trend is likely to continue tomorrow. To help whet everyone's appetites for both shows, the network has released preview videos featuring TVD executive producer Julie Plec introducing "The Hybrid" and TSC co-executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson promising you're about to see powers that are raging out of control in "Bound".