Andrew Lincoln

Time Warner Enlists The Walking Dead for its Super Bowl XLVII Ad

With most of the ads showing up online well ahead of today's big game, the one we were happiest to see shamble in is Time Warner Cable's, which utilizes some familiar faces - and other body parts - from "The Walking Dead." Check it out here along with its two teasers.

Chow Down on Some Season 3.5 Spoilers from The Walking Dead

Michael Ausiello, the voice of TVLine as well as television guru extraordinaire, has just updated his Ask Ausiello column, and lo and behold he dished some dirt on what to expect from the second half of season three of AMC's "The Walking Dead."

Join the Ranks of The Walking Dead with the Dead Yourself App

At the end of last year we told you about the new "Dead Yourself" app from "The Walking Dead." Well, now it's here, and we have a bit more info - and an example!

AMC Releases a New Mid-Season Trailer for The Walking Dead

AMC has released an official trailer for the return of "The Walking Dead" Season Three, premiering Sunday, February 10th, and of course we have it for you right here!

An Extended Promo for The Walking Dead Episode 3.09 - The Suicide King

Another new promo and the official synopsis have come in for "The Walking Dead" Episode 3.09, "Suicide King." The video contains new footage set to the song "Lead Me Home" by Jamie N Commons.

The Walking Dead: Titles of Remaining Season 3 Episodes; Synopsis and New Promo for Ep. 3.09 - The Suicide King

Lots of "The Walking Dead" news today! After learning who the new showrunner will be, we found a third promo and synopsis for "The Suicide King" as well as titles of the remaining Season 3 episodes.

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and a Sneak Peek of Episode 309 - The Suicide King

In what's probably the final Q&A for "The Walking Dead" of the year, Andrew Lincoln (aka Rick Grimes) talks about turning into a real-life Southerner and describes what it's like to rip his guts out on set.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.08 - Made To Suffer; The Cast Looks Ahead to 2013

This mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" was written by creator Robert Kirkman so you can bet we were left with our jaws agape at the end of the cliff-hanging episode! It was directed by Billy Gierhart.

Tonight's Viewing Party for The Walking Dead in Thousand Oaks, CA Has Been Cancelled

Bummer news, fiends! We got word yesterday that AMC has decided to pull the plug on tonight's special fan viewing party of "The Walking Dead" at the Muvico Theaters in Thousand Oaks.

Another Still from The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale - Made to Suffer

Talk about suffering! That'll be us fans of "The Walking Dead" after Sunday night when we have to wait until freakin' February for the next episode! In any event, here's another still from the mid-season finale: "Made to Suffer."

Dread Central Hosting Mid-Season Viewing Party for The Walking Dead THIS SUNDAY in Thousand Oaks, CA!

Hey, California area "Walking Dead" fans; get ready for something truly epic this Sunday night! Dread Central's Heather Wixson will be hosting a mid-season finale Watch Party for "The Walking Dead" at the Muvico Theaters in Thousand Oaks this Sunday, December 2nd.

New Walking Dead Hijinx

There's no doubt that "The Walking Dead" has invaded every facet of pop culture as we know it, spawning hundreds of bits of merchandise, its own talk show, etc., the reason being that it's some of the best damned storytelling you're likely to find anywhere. But let's look at the lighter side...

Preview, New Still, and Two Sneak Peeks of The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Finale - Made to Suffer

It's time for the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead," and considering the episode, entitled "Made to Suffer," was written by creator Robert Kirkman, we're pretty sure it's gonna be a rough one!

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Behind the Scenes of Episode 307 - When the Dead Come Knocking

To kick off the work week, we have a Q&A with "The Walking Dead" actor Steve Yeun (Glenn Rhee) about post-apocalyptic romance, his expertise at being a hostage, and lots more!

The Walking Dead: Recap of and an Inside Look at Episode 3.07 - When the Dead Come Knocking

Now that Rick is finally done with his hallucinations and met Michonne, maybe we will get some ass-kicking tonight? Someone's gotta go rescue Maggie and Glenn from Merle and the Governor. Tonight's episode entitled "When The Dead Come Knocking" was directed by Dan Sackheim.