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I Spit on Your Grave CENTRAL

Support Unrated Horror! This weekend sees the limited release of Steven R. Monroe's unrated remake of I Spit on Your Grave. While there are fewer theaters showing this film than last weekend's Hatchet II, it is still important to show your support. If it's not showing where you live, buy a ticket for a friend in a city where it is!

Exclusive: Dread Central Hits the Red Carpet Premiere of I Spit on Your Grave

With Cinetel Films’ remake of the infamous 1978 rape-revenge film I Spit on Your Grave hitting theaters unrated on October 8th courtesy of the rather ballsy Anchor Bay Entertainment, this writer hit the film's red carpet premiere last night in Hollywood, CA, and brought back some ocular candy as well as interviews with some of the principals...and a rather interesting bit of news.

The Dark Fields Moves From Universal to Overture and Heads to Theatres

Sometimes a little shake-up is a great way to get things in gear. Such is the case with Neil Burger's new fright film, The Dark Fields.

Blood River (UK DVD)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring Andrew Howard, Tess Panzer, Ian Duncan Directed by Adam Mason Distributed by Revolver Entertainment

I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

Reviewed by Paul McCannibal Starring Andrew Howard, Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson, Chad Lindberg, Daniel Franzese, Rodney Eastman Directed by Steven R. Monroe

Adam Mason and Andrew Howard Taking Us to DracuL.A.

Longtime film collaborators Adam Mason and Andrew Howard have been working together for quite some time now, delivering film after film of depravity and extreme amounts of violence. That's why whenever this demented duo get together for a new project, they immediately get our attention. Enter their new flick DracuL.A.

Behind-the-Scenes Video Journals - The Dark Fields

Looking forward to Neil Burger's upcoming horror flick The Dark Fields? Yeah, we are, too. If only for the amazing cast line-up! To get you further worked up, Rogue Pictures has released six video diaries to dig on!

Thanks for Watching Adam Mason's Pig Right Here on Dread Central

Thanks for watching! We hope you had time to watch it, grab it from us, and share it on DVD with your friends. We even have artwork for you to save and use! Dig it below!

Abbie Cornish Next to Enter The Dark Fields

Yet another name has been added to the ever-growing list of stars that comprise the great cast of Neil Burger's upcoming horror flick The Dark Fields.

Watch the First Thirteen MInutes of Adam Mason's Pig RIGHT NOW!

You've been told that Adam Mason's new film Pig is not for everyone. Especially not for those of you out there who can't handle some truly disturbing and torturous imagery. So here's your chance to decide if you can make it through to the film's psychotic conclusion! Strap in and see the film's first thirteen minutes right now, and be warned ... none of this is safe for work.

New Lobby Cards: Adam Mason's Pig

Ready for the premiere of Adam Mason's Pig this weekend? Let's hope you have the stomach for it! To get your prepped (as if anything actually could), we have gotten our hands on four brand spanking new lobby cards for the flick!

New One-Sheet: Adam Mason's Pig

We're getting really close to the world premiere of Adam Mason's Pig so you can expect all sorts of goodies to be clawing their way out online, the first of which is this snazzy new one-sheet!

Andrew Howard Brings Evil to The Dark Fields

Every good film needs a good villain, and if there's one thing that actor Andrew Howard is damned good at, it's being completely and unabashedly wicked. Guess that makes him the logical choice to play the heavy in the upcoming flick The Dark Fields.

Pig (2010)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Andrew Howard, Molly Black, Lorry O'Toole, Juliet Quintin-Archard, Guy Burnet Directed by Adam Mason