Andrew Goth

Official Gallowwalkers Home Video Trailer Strolls In

Lionsgate is bringing Wesley Snipes' Gallowwalkers out on DVD, VOD, and digital download next week; and to further gear you up for its arrival, we've got the official DVD trailer on tap for you! Check it out!

Gallowwalkers (DVD)

Starring Wesley Snipes, Kevin Howarth, Riley Smith, Tanit Phoenix, Patrick Bergin, Diamond Dallas Page Directed by Andrew Goth

New Gallowwalkers Images Are Spine-Ripping Good!

Lionsgate is bringing Wesley Snipes' Gallowwalkers out on DVD in a few weeks. and to further gear you up for its arrival, we've got some new stills for you to put your back into! Check 'em out!

Lionsgate Frees Wesley Snipes' Gallowwalkers in August

Get ready for a shocker. After spending forever on the shelf like an actor who was arrested for tax evasion, Lionsgate is bringing Wesley Snipes' Gallowwalkers out on DVD! Yes, miracles do happen!

Lose Your Head Over these New Stills and Trailer for Gallowwalkers

On tap for you zombie-hungry cats are a handful of stills and an official sales trailer for the Wesley Snipes movie Gallowwalkers. Has the dust gathered from sitting five years on a shelf dulled Snipes' blade this go-around, or is he as sharp as ever? Let us know!

EFM 2013: Gallowwalkers One-Sheet Gets a Close-up

The European Film Market is right around the corner, and with it comes some neat news. After over five years of silence, it's with a near complete state of disbelief that we announce an official sales one-sheet for the Wesley Snipes movie Gallowwalkers has arrived.

EFM 2013: Gallowwalkers Ready to Start Walking

Here's some perspective for you. The last time we talked about the Wesley Snipes movie Gallowwalkers was way back in 2008. Now, over five years later, Screen Daily is reporting that the film is finally up for sale at next week's European Film Market.

Gallowwalker Trailer!

Been a while since we heard anything from the world of Gallowwalker, the Wesley Snipes zombie cowboy movie. It’s all right, though; absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially when the heart is anticipating a badass zombie movie with western aesthetics, something no one’s been able to pull off quite right yet.

Tons of Gallowwalker Stills Online

Even though the official site for the Wesley Snipes zombie movie Gallowwalker has been online for months, it was only recently that a very small link appeared on it called “Gallowwalker production stills”. You’ll never guess what’s found if you click on it...

More Gallowwalker Details & Art

All right, I admit that when it was first announced that Wesley Snipes was going to be in a new film called Gallowwalker playing a character named Kaos, whose nun mother made a deal to keep her son alive with the unfortunate side effect of bringing back to life anyone he killed, I wasn’t excited. In the least.

Daywalker Moves on to Gallows

Wondering just what the hell Wesley Snipes is up to now that he’s permanently given up being the Daywalker? Or are you like me and really don’t give a damn? Either way, Production Weekly found out.