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Another Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.03 - The Girl Next Door

Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester share a brief sentimental moment - and some cake - in this latest clip from Friday night's episode of "Supernatural", entitled "The Girl Next Door". Something tells us what we're seeing is the proverbial calm before the storm.

A Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.03 - The Girl Next Door

Another Jensen Ackles-directed episode of "Supernatural" is heading our way this Friday, and if you're wondering what you can expect, this new clip from the ep, entitled "The Girl Next Door", showing Sam stalking someone in the forest should help. Or maybe not - you know what big teases those Winchester boys are!

A Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.03 - The Girl Next Door

This week's episode of "Supernatural" left viewers with a real cliffhanger, and while we ponder the possibilities of what the events that transpired mean for the Winchesters - and the human race - we have a peek at the upcoming "The Girl Next Door", directed by series star Jensen Ackles.

Official Synopsis for Jensen Ackles Directed Supernatural Episode The Girl Next Door

We already knew that "The Girl Next Door", the third episode of Season 7 of "Supernatural" that airs October 7th, was directed by series star Jensen Ackles and features flashbacks to 15-year-old Sam Winchester. Now we have the full official synopsis along with a summary of Episode Two, "Hello, Cruel World", airing September 30th, which we somehow neglected to pass on previously.

A Clip from Supernatural's Western-Themed Episode Frontierland

Did everyone have as much fun with last week's Final Destination-ish episode of "Supernatural" as we did? And it looks like the good times are going to keep on keeping on this week as Sam and Dean travel back to the Wild, Wild West in Episode 18, "Frontierland". Check out the new clip we just got and see if you don't agree!

Supernatural: A Sneak Preview of Episode 18 Frontierland

We know that tonight's episode of "Supernatural" is only #17, but that's not stopping The CW from leaking a bit of a sneak peek at #18, "Frontierland". As they're no doubt aware, the fans cannot wait to see Sam and Dean in the Wild, Wild West!

Supernatural: Stills from Episode 18 Frontierland; Behind-the-Scenes and Catch-Up Videos

One of our favorite genre mash-ups is the horror-western. There just aren't enough of them! But helping to fill the void is "Supernatural" Episode 18, entitled "Frontierland", and we have a big batch of stills from the ep to share - along with two new videos. One is a behind-the-scenes hosted by Jared Padalecki, and the other is a Season Six catch-up.

Supernatural in the Wild, Wild West - Synopsis of Episode 18, Frontierland

Along with the "meta" episode in which Sam and Dean Winchester played versions of their real-life selves Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, by far the most anticipated ep of this season is "Frontierland", which sees the brothers donning cowboy boots and riding horses. Now finally we have a full synopsis of what fans can expect.

Supernatural Season Six Finale Expands to Two Hours; Will Air on May 20th

In order to accommodate the two-hour series finale of "Smallville" this coming May 13th, The CW will be preempting "Supernatural" that week, but the good news is that as a result, "Supernatural" will have its own two-hour season finale airing on May 20th.

Supernatural: Preview and a Clip from Episode 13 - Unforgiven

The consensus among "Supernatural" fans seems to be that now that Sam has his soul back, the show's got its groove back, especially with the "Mother of All" being added to the mix. Not sure if this week's ep, "Unforgiven", will shed much light on what Mother is up to, but here are a preview and a clip to check out while we wait to find out.