Andre Ovreda

Apply for Your Norwegian Troll Hunter License!

The Norwegian PR company behind the monster mash Troll Hunter is whipping a copious amount of Troll ass and you can help by obtaining your official Troll Hunter License. That is ... if you can read Norwegian!

Two More Troll Hunter Clips to Leave Your Jaws on the Floor!

Every single thing we see from The Troll Hunter makes us wish this movie were right here, right now, in our hands. If you haven't seen or heard anything about this one, prepare to be excited!

Universal Acquires Rights to Remake The Troll Hunter

There's no doubt about it; Andre Ovreda's Troll Hunter looks all kinds of "Holy shit"! And while we wait patiently for Magnet to release the original film here in the States, there are already whispers of a remake floating around tinsel town.

Magnet Attracts Troll Hunter! Going Theatrical in 2011!

Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, announced today that it has acquired world rights (excluding Europe) to writer/director André Ovredal’s docu-style horror flick.

English Subtitled Trailer - Troll Hunter!

While the imagery alone is enough to get us excited for this latest import monster mash, Troll Hunter, we have to admit it is kind of nice finally knowing what these cats have been saying in between the screaming and the running!

International Trailer Debut: Troll Hunter

The full international trailer for our new favorite holy shit! film, Troll Hunter, has just popped up online, and as always we have your hot ticket to see it!

Mind Blowing Clips from Troll Hunter

Troll Hunter first appeared on our radar just a couple of days ago. With these latest clips it has now taken up permanent residence there. You want "HOLY SHIT"? You've got "HOLY SHIT"!

Giant Beasts Win the Day in Troll Hunter

Now this is usually the kind of territory that our beloved Foywonder would be treading upon in terms of reporting, but after seeing the stills and trailer for the upcoming Norwegian mockumentary Troll Hunter, I just cannot resist.