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Green, Adam (Hatchet II)

While talking to Adam Green about his upcoming film

Bell, Emma; Ashmore, Shawn; Zegers, Kevin (Frozen)

There are very few directors who would be ballsy enough these days to put three young actors alone, stranded on a ski lift, and think that would work as an entertaining horror movie. This is what makes the upcoming Frozen and its director, Adam Green, that much more remarkable in terms of pr

Eastman, Rodney (I Spit on Your Grave - Remake)

Concerning Dread Central’s 11/26 news item regarding CineTel’s Day of the Woman

Wintory, Austin (Grace)

Generally, horror film scores don’t really do much to distinguish themselves within the genre. That’s why composer Austin Wintory knew when he started working on the sco

Masi, Anthony (His Name Was Jason)

Three years ago producer/writer Anthony Masi took on the legacy of Haddonfie

Mena, Stevan (Brutal Massacre)

What happens when you take several genre vets, hand them over to a talented director, and then make a movie? Simple -- you get a Brutal Massacre! Director Stevan Mena, whom many of you will know from his first badass film Malevolence, returns to the genre with a bit of a diff

Bannister, Reggie & Gigi (Phantasm: OblIVion)

You know, man, sometimes my job

Green, Adam (Spiral)

With Spiral (review here), director Adam Green proves that he's a lot more than just the guy who made one of the most maligned and celebrated slasher films in recent years! We sat down with Adam to talk switching

Soles, P.J. (Halloween)

Ah, yes! The ever so sexy and spunky P.J. Soles. She stole our hearts in the original Halloween, and even after three decades later she still hasn't given them back! In order to h

Patton, Chuck, Palmiotti, Jimmy & Gray, Justin (Dead Space: Downfall)

You know how you