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An Inside Look at the Making of Battle Royale and a Bloody New Blu-ray Clip

Aw yeah, mama! I can feel that arterial blood spray from here. Wanna bathe in it. Love it up! Oh yeah, sweet baby. Bring on the red stuff. You know how we like it. Warm and inviting, sugar. Sorry about that head flying through the air.

Home Video Trailer Premiere Now Online for The Wicker Tree

Grab your phallic symbols, kids! The official home video trailer for The Wicker Tree (review here) is here, and even though it looks damned good, we still kinda miss Nicolas Cage and his eyeful of bees.

Gutwrenching New Clip from The Terror Experiment

What happens when the infected attack, you ask? Well, with this new clip from The Terror Experiment, you're about to find out. Ah, the glorious gore of it all!

Anchor Bay Takes Battle Royale on the Road

Not content with just dropping Battle Royale onto home video in a truly stellar edition, the fine folks at Anchor Bay have announced that they will be taking the much heralded flick across the U.S.A. theatrically! Rock and roll, baby!

Know the Rules in This Latest Blu-ray / DVD Clip from Battle Royale

When it comes to the upcoming release of Battle Royale here in the States, we're still pinching ourselves to see if we'll wake up. We couldn't be happier that the flick is on its way in grand fashion, and we've got a new clip on tap to keep both us and you excited!

Make a Date with The Wicker Tree

Ah yes, kids! It will soon be time to stroke the old maypole again at home with the DVD and Blu-ray release of The Wicker Tree (review here), and we've got all the details you need right here.

New Stills Online for The Terror Experiement

Time for some eye candy featuring more pissed off infected folks that will soon be running your way courtesy of Anchor Bay! Check out another look at The Terror Experiment.

Finally the Original Japanese Classic Battle Royale Officially Comes to U.S. Shores

It's been hailed as one of the most controversial films of all time. It's guaranteed to make The Hunger Games along with everything else that has ever emulated it look like the kid's stuff that it actually is. And now, after years and years, Battle Royale is officially hitting U.S. shores on Blu-ray and DVD!

Anchor Bay Takes in The Victim

Fans of the great Michael Biehn will be happy to hear that his latest film, The Victim, has found a North American home, and that means we'll be seeing it soon! Dig on the official details!

The Terror Experiment Infects Blu-ray and DVD

More pissed off infected folks are running your way to take a bite out of your home theatre setup with the release of Anchor Bay's latest flick, The Terror Experiment. Read on for all the details and artwork!

Monster Brawl DVD-Per-View Officially Slated for March

It seems only appropriate that with next year’s Wrestlemania slated for April Fool’s Day, a motion picture like Monster Brawl, starring several personalities from the world of professional wrestling that is patterned after a wrestling pay-per-view but with monsters stepping into a ring to fight it out, would get released on DVD the same week.

Apollo 18 (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Warren Christie, Ryan Robbins, Lloyd Owen Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego

Several New Clips from The Howling: Reborn!

More eye candy from The Howling: Reborn has come across our desks in the form of some new clips so we figured we'd get it out to you as quickly as possible. If only so we don't have to look at them anymore.

Exclusive Q&A: Writer/Director Joe Nimziki Talks The Howling: Reborn

Thirty years to the day that Joe Dante's original The Howling hit theaters, writer/director Joe Nimziki is breathing new life into the long-dormant franchise with his contribution, The Howling: Reborn, which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray everywhere today, October 18th, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Sam Worthington Talks Texas Killing Fields, Clash of the Titans 2, and the Avatar Sequels

Just a few years ago Sam Worthington was an up-and-coming actor whom most people wouldn't have recognized if he bumped into them on the street. But a few blockbusters (Terminator: Salvation, Clash of the Titans) and a starring role in the biggest movie of all time (Avatar) later, and suddenly Worthington is a household name.