Analeigh Tipton

First Official Image from Summit's Warm Bodies Storms its Way Online

You know, it's bad enough that zombies have no pulse, body temperature, or heartbeat, but for the love of all that is holy, can someone please get Warm Bodies start Nicholas Hoult a friggin' umbrella?!? No wonder they eat the living!

AFM 2011: First Image From Summit's Warm Bodies

And the eye candy continues ... Next up on tap for you fiends, straight out of AFM, is the very first still from Summit Entertainment's zombie flick Warm Bodies, an adaptation of Isaac Marion's novel that Jonathan Levine (50/50) is writing and directing. Dig it!

Three New Warm Bodies Roll in for Summit

When it comes to beating off the living dead, the more people you have helping you, the better. Wait ... no, that sentence didn't exactly come out the way that I meant it. Let's try that again ... When beating off hordes of zombies ... no, that didn't work either. Either way read on for casting news.