Ana Ludeshka

Halo-8's Godkiller and The Long Knives Comics Debut on Graphic.ly

Halo-8 Entertainment announced today that its sci-fi/horror adventure Godkiller and Giallo-style horror The Long Knives are the first Halo-8 comics to be released digitally as part of the recently announced partnership between the studio and innovative digital comics provider Graphic.ly. Read on for the details! From the Press Release:

Halo-8 Announces New Comic Book/Illustrated Film The Long Knives

During their recent panel at WonderCon entitled "Halo-8: Comic Books and Illustrated Films," Halo-8 reps announced their next original comic book/illustrated film transmedia combo will be Matt Pizzolo's The Long Knives, "a giallo horror, bare-knuckled revenge movie with an otherworldly Tim Burton-esque aesthetic." The artwork will be courtesy of newcomer illustrator Ana Ludeshka.