An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London Invades Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

Florida had better stick to the roads and stay away from the moors as An American Werewolf in London is on its way to the steamy hot theme park. Kids, beware! A naked American man may just steal your balloons!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Free Tix to An American Werewolf in London Screening in Chicago

Terror in the Aisles 9, the ass-kicking film festival held in the Portage Theater in the Jay Cutler-loving city of Chicago, Illinois, will be featuring arguably the greatest werewolf film of all time in its line-up this year, and guess what -- Doctor Gash has your chance to get some free passes for the event. Yeah, I love you guys!

Fantastic Fest Announces Final Wave of Programming for 2011

If you've been on the fence about attending this year's edition of Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, which runs from September 22-29, then the announcement that came today about their final wave of programming should make up your mind. With these additions, just about every film on our radar will be making an appearance at this year's fest! Read on for the details.

Indie Horror Month: Paul Davis’ Five Favorite Indie Horror Movies

I first met writer/director/producer Paul Davis at a HorrorHound convention in Indianapolis a few years back and was impressed with the up-and-coming director’s passion about the genre and his love for one of my favorite horror comedies of all time, An American Werewolf in London.

The Number 23 Predicts an American Remake in London

Werewolf movies are becoming the in thing again. Hollywood currently loves remaking classic horror movies. Since nobody learned any lessons from the disappointment that was The Wolfman remake earlier this year, it should come as little shock to hear that Dimension Films is developing a reboot of John Landis' classic An American Werewolf in London.

DVD Releases: Sept 15, 2009: Dark Shadows Grace a Deadgirl's Misery of Fear Itself

A true bounty of goods await those who have a few extra dollars to spend on DVDs this week what with Grace, Deadgirl, and (can you believe it?) Phantasm II finally hitting the home market, An American Werewolf in London and Army of Darkness bowing on Blu-ray, and NBC's Fear Itself anthology series getting released in its entirety. And that's just the beginning!

An American Werewolf in London (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Griffin Dunne, John Woodvine Directed by John Landis Distributed by Universal Home Video

American Werewolf in London Blu-ray Art

The artwork for the upcoming fully stacked Blu-ray release of An American Werewolf in London hit online today and just like the rest of the package it's pretty damned bitchin'!

Horror DVD / Blu-ray Art Blow-Out - Phantasm II, Werewolf in London, and More!

We hope you're ready for the crypt-load of digital goodness that's coming your way this fall on DVD and Blu-ray. From re-releases you won't care about to some long awaited classics -- we've got all the artwork you could ever hope to see, hot and sticky! DVD Active has released the goods you see below! Dig it! Phantasm II

Huge American Werewolf in London Blu-ray / DVD News

Usually when we get press releases in our inbox, we extrapolate information from them as a means to write our story for you guys to add that personal Dread Central touch to it. In this case? There's so much good to talk about we're leaving it AS IS!

An American Werewolf in London Remake in the Works

It was only a matter of time. Here's the deal, and we're just going to have to accept it: If a movie is even slightly good or has even the tiniest of cult followings, Hollywood is going to remake it. There's just no doubt of this anymore.

American Werewolf to Hit the Screen in London

An American Werewolf in London is starting up where it left off in a planned screening of the film in London, UK. Curzon Cinemas is making this more than just a screening; included will be live music and booze in their 'Slaughtered Lamb' themed bar, special guests will do the introductions, and lots of other little things will be included in the festivities.

Davis Gives Beware the Moon Update

It’s been a while since we’ve had a status update on Paul Davis’ Beware the Moon: Remembering An American Werewolf in London (review). Since it was announced back in June by director John Landis that the documentary would be a part of Universal’s upcoming Blu-ray release of the movie, little has come out in terms of details.

Bob Burns' American Werewolf Restored!

Now this is the kind of news I just love reporting. Other than my overall adoration for all things horror, it's news like this that makes me happy to have the job I have, allowing me to share this kind of information with our community.

Beware the Moon: Remembering An American Werewolf in London (2009)

Reviewed by Scott A. Johnson Starring John Landis, Griffin Dunne, David Naughton, Rick Baker, Jeny Agutter Directed by Paul Davis