Amy Lynes

The Bloodbath Theory - Horror Radio Interview with Tyler Mane and Renae Geerlings

Hey there, horror geeks! The laboratory we call The BloodBath Theory has moved back to Zombie 13 Radio, and we are here to stay! Amy and I will continue to bring you the science of horror and of course a heaping helping of special guests!

The Bloodbath Theory - Horror Radio Interview with The Exorcist's Eileen Dietz

Hey there, gore geeks! So happy to be back with THREE YEARS in the horror business under my belt! Join Amy Lynes and myself for the first episode of Dread Central and Dark Moon Press Presents The BloodBath Theory on SpookShow TV and right here at Dread Central!

Horror Talk Radio Is Back with Dread Central's The Bloodbath Theory

Last year we stepped into horror radio with the Dungeon of Deadly Delights, which offered an intimate look at the people who make horror great. The show's hosts slid into their graves for a well needed slumber, but now Rob DiLauro and his wicked sister Amy Lynes are back!