Lexis Numerique's Amy Haunts the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network Next Week!

Some bite-sized survival horror is coming via download next week for the PlayStation Network and the Xbox 360 Live Arcade, and we've got the info and some eye candy for you. Prepare to meet Amy.

Amy To Bring a Hot New Face To the Revenge Business

Vampires and zombies and monsters ... oh my. These are all very popular subjects for horror films. But with the idea of bringing a stunning new character to life this fall, filmmakers of the upcoming picture Amy decided to go with the good ol' fashioned revenge flick. Hey, can't go wrong with that one, can you?

Poor Amy is Terrified of Her PlayStation 3

Okay, so we're actually not talking about some chick who lives in fear of technology (although we're sure the way the PlayStation Move controller is shaped has raised more than just a few female eyebrows). What we are dishing on is the latest survival horror game for the PlayStation Network, Amy. From the Press Release: