Become a Killer Clown for Your Own Amusement!

Have you ever wondered what you might look like as an evil demented clown bent upon blood, death, and destruction? Well, now’s your chance, if there ever was one!

DVD Releases: You Won't Believe How it Ends

Not a bad selection of horror DVDs hitting on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009. The question is if any of them are actually worth getting.

Amusement (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Katheryn Winnick, Reid Scott, Shauna Duggins, Keir O'Donnell, Jessica Lucas Directed by John Simpson Distributed by New Line Home Video

Official Amusement Site Open

The official site for Amusement, the long-delayed anthology from Warner Bros, has finally opened its doors to the public, offering up new images and more information for the film which is skipping its planned theatrical release and going straight to DVD on January 20th.

Release Finally Set for Amusement

If you were diligent like me and went to see all 8 Films to Die For last year, chances are you were annoyed all to hell by the trailer for Amusement that played before every showing. So what the hell happened to it, anyway, if it was so close to release last October?

Picturehouse Closes Its Doors

It seems like Picturehouse hasn’t even been around very long, and already we’re bidding them a fond farewell. Today Picturehouse and Warner Independent both announced that they’re closing their doors for good.

Amusement Bumped Up

After reporting on delay after delay, it's nice to have something we've been looking forward to actually getting bumped up.

Amusement Trailer Not Very Funny...

Anyone who made their way out to this weekend’s After Dark Horrorfest likely got to see the trailer for Amusement, a new genre offering from Picturehouse. It’s not a bad trailer, has a very creepy clown laughing guy in it, to boot. Now we just have to hope the film is worth our time! AOL got the first look at the trailer online, which you can check out below. More Amusement updates will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Poughkeepsie Date, More Changes

Man, a lot of changes have come down as to when you’re going to see the most anticipated horror films of the near future according to Box Office Mojo. Not sure why it’s happened all of a sudden, but the dates they are a changin'.

Five Will be Amused

Originally intended as a comeback film for Candyman helmer Bernard Rose, Amusement is now in the hands of John Simpson, director of Freeze Frame, and The Hollywood Reporter has learned of the first casting for it.