Ami Canaan Mann

Come Home to The Texas Killing Fields on Blu-ray and DVD

Missed taking a trip to Anchor Bay's Texas Killing Fields (review here) during its theatrical run? No worries! The flick is headed home to Blu-ray and DVD just after the start of the new year, and we've got the trailer, details, and artwork on tap for ya!

Better Late Than Never - A New One-Sheet for Texas Killing Fields

What's this? New artwork for Anchor Bay's Texas Killing Fields (review here) even though the flick came out in October? Yeah, I know. It's a slow news day, though, so what the hell.

Texas Killing Fields (2011)

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain, Chloë Grace Moretz, Sheryl Lee

Sam Worthington Talks Texas Killing Fields, Clash of the Titans 2, and the Avatar Sequels

Just a few years ago Sam Worthington was an up-and-coming actor whom most people wouldn't have recognized if he bumped into them on the street. But a few blockbusters (Terminator: Salvation, Clash of the Titans) and a starring role in the biggest movie of all time (Avatar) later, and suddenly Worthington is a household name.

Texas Killing Fields - New Clip and Image Gallery

And the Texas Killing Fields hype wheel keeps right on spinning as we have not only another new clip but also a sweet high-res image gallery for you cats to dig on! Whatcha waitin' for?

Chloe Moretz Hits the Road in Latest Texas Killing Fields Clip

Apparently the powers-that-be intend to keep you locked to your monitor this afternoon as the eye candy keeps rolling in! Next on tap - the third clip from the upcoming Texas Killing Fields.

New Clip Takes Us to the Texas Killing Fields

Ready for yet another look at the upcoming thriller Texas Killing Fields? Of course you are. And even if you're not, you're getting one anyway because that's how we roll, damnit!

First Still and Clip from the Texas Killing Fields

All right, kids! What better way is there to spend a Saturday than taking a quick trip to the Texas Killing Fields, doing some sightseeing, and coming out alive? Nifty, eh?

New One-Sheet and Release Date for the Texas Killing Fields

It's taken a while to arrive, but an official one-sheet for the long talked about flick Texas Killing Fields is finally here awaiting your perusal. Oh, and there's a new release date, too!

Official Trailer Takes Us to the Texas Killing Fields

Finally an official domestic trailer has arrived for Texas Killing Fields, a new flick coming from Anchor Bay Entertainment. You know what they say about Texas ... Everything's bigger, including said fields where killings occur. Dig it!

Anchor Bay Makes a Date with the Texas Killing Fields

Wondering when you'll be able to take a long overdue trip into the Texas Killing Fields? Get out the calendar, kids! It's time to mark off another date! Look for Ami Canaan Mann's Texas Killing Fields in limited theaters on October 7th. No word on VOD or DVD/Blu-ray dates at the moment.

Trailer Debut - The Texas Killing Fields - Now With New Italian Seasoning!

It's time to mangia the new Italiano trailer for Anchor Bay's latest film acquisition, Texas Killing Fields - served with some fresh baked bread and dipping sauce! Bellissimo!

Venice International Film Festival Announces 2011 Lineup

The line-up of the 68th Venice International Film Festival, which runs August 31st to September 10th, 2011, has been announced; and as usual, we were pleased to see a few genre films included. Read on for the details.

Anchor Bay Finds Horror in the Texas Killing Fields

One flick we've been talking about for quite some time - Texas Killing Fields, has finally scored itself some distro with Anchor Bay taking it theatrical this October!

One-Sheet Debut - Sam Worthington in The Fields

The first one-sheet for the new thriller The Fields, formerly The Texas Killing Fields, has slipped online, and it's sadly a bit on the underwhelming side. Dig it!