American Horror Story

Gabourey Sidibe Brings Her Precious to American Horror Story: Coven

Good news for fans of "American Horror Story"! According to Ryan Murphy on Twitter, Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) has signed on for active duty for the show's third season, which has been dubbed "American Horror Story: Coven."

SURPRISE! American Horror Story: Coven to Premiere Around Halloween

Prepare yourselves for some earth-shattering, mind-bending news that will shake you to the very core of your existence! FX announced today that "American Horror Story: Coven" will debut around Halloween time later this year! Good Christ, we never saw that coming!

PaleyFest 2013: Watch the Full American Horror Story Panel (or Just the Highlights) Right Here!

PaleyFest 2013 came to a rousing end on March 15 with the cast and crew of "American Horror Story: Asylum," along with a surprise appearance by new "American Horror Story: Coven" co-star Kathy Bates, and we have videos of the full panel and several of the highlights right here!

PaleyFest 2013: American Horror Story Season 3 Title Revealed Along with a Few More Details

PaleyFest 2013 closed with "American Horror Story," and along with the surprise appearance of new cast member Kathy Bates, the highlight of the night was the reveal of what the show's third chapter would be subtitled. Read on, and then check back in a few hours for videos from the panel.

Frances Conroy Talks American Horror Story Season 3

The veil of silence surrounding the goings-on pertaining to the upcoming third season of "American Horror Story" has truly been a heavy and well secured one, but one of its returning stars has lifted it just an inch for you. Read on for the latest from Frances Conroy on her upcoming role.

New American Horror Story Season 3 Plot Details Revealed?

During the Salute to Ryan Murphy portion of the 2013 PaleyFest, "American Horror Story" Seasons 1 and 2 star Dylan McDermott may have let slip a very interesting detail regarding the character to be played by the recently announced Kathy Bates.

Help Your Favorite Horror TV Shows Win Hulu's Best in Show 2013

March Madness is just around the corner for basketball fans, but what's out there for horror buffs? Well, one thing you can do is vote in Hulu's fourth annual Best in Show competition, which kicked off today. Read on for details of which horror shows are part of it and how you can join in.

Kathy Bates' American Horror Story Character Will be Spreading Some Serious Evil

Yesterday we told you that Kathy Bates had officially joined the cast of the upcoming Season Three of "American Horror Story." Today TVLine shed some light on her character and we really like what we see. Dig it!

Kathy Bates to Bring Misery to American Horror Story Season 3

Now here's some rock solid casting news we can really get behind. TVLine is reporting that the great Kathy Bates is nearing a deal to join the cast of the upcoming third season of "American Horror Story." Everyone else had better keep her away from the sledgehammers!

Top Seven Alien Abductions in Cinema and on TV

Are we alone in the universe? Pondering upon the vastness of the universe, we'd have to be incredibly self-centered to think we are the only life form in existence. And although we haven't seen proof of our intergalactic brethren, there have been plenty of films and TV shows about their clandestine (and more demonstrative) visits to Earth.

Relive the Insanity of American Horror Story: Asylum with Briarcliff: In Memoriam

If sitting through another Wednesday night without "American Horror Story" has got you down, then you'll be happy to hear one final video has popped up online for Chapter Two of the series, which was known as "Asylum," entitled "Briarcliff: In Memoriam."

2013 Saturn Award Nominees Announced

This Sunday is Oscar day, but for genre fans it's The Saturn Awards that really matter, and we have the full list of this year's nominees. Although we have to say the horror pickings are rather slim indeed!

Doctor Gash's Valentine's Day Gift Giving Guide for Horror Lovers

This one's for all you lovebirds out there. Whether you're in a brand new relationship or a tried and true union, Valentine's Day is the time to show your love to that special someone. And if you've gotten yourself hitched to a horror lover, here are some great gift ideas!

Frances Conroy Back for American Horror Story Season 3

Casting news continues for the third season of "American Horror Story" as another familiar face from seasons past will once again sign on for a new kind of terror tale! That's right, kids, the great Frances Conroy is back!

Taissa Farmiga Official for American Horror Story Season 3

A few days back Ryan Murphy was talking about bringing "American Horror Story" Season 1 star Taissa Farmiga back for more haunting mayhem in "American Horror Story" Season 3. Now this casting tidbit has been officially confirmed.