AMC's FearFest

Watch All Ten of the AMC Fearfest 'Living Nightmares' Mini-Docs and Get Your Shock On!

AMC's month-long Fearfest celebration just got interesting with the release of a series of mini-docs titled "Living Nightmares," which feature one major human fear per episode.

Early Word on the 2012 AMC Fearfest; International Premiere Dates for The Walking Dead

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know "The Walking Dead" returns on Sunday, October 14th. But what about our international buddies? And when does the 2012 AMC Fearfest begin? Read on for all the details!

One Minute of Video Could Win $4,000 from AMC!

In these harsh economic times people are doing whatever they can for extra cash, and AMC's FearFest just made that pretty damn easy by officially opening the doors for all willing filmmakers to submit their one minute or less video on the subject of your greatest fear!