A Herd of New The Walking Dead Season 4 Video Promos

The Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead" is ready to march on in like a herd of hungry walkers, and to get you geared up for the event, we have a quintet of new video promos! Dig 'em!

Detailed Module Descriptions and Syllabus for Online Course Inspired by The Walking Dead

A few weeks ago we told you about an online course that uses themes from "The Walking Dead" to teach about science and survival, and with its launch date approaching, we have more info in case you're interested in checking it out. It is free after all!

Prep for The Walking Dead Season 4 with AMC's Zombie Apocalypse Week

AMC didn't release a new promo for "The Walking Dead" Season 4 last night; instead, they're kicking off "Zombie Apocalypse Week" tonight, October 7th, airing every episode so far from beginning to dead.

Five Things You Need to Know About The Walking Dead Season 4

The Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead" is so close you can almost smell it... P.U. those zombies stink! To take your minds off the wait, and the stench, here are five things you need to know straight from some of the key cast and crew members.

More Walking Dead Season 4 Images Shamble Forth

Around these parts we hunger for news on "The Walking Dead" like a walker does flesh. Bearing that in mind we have another gallery of eye candy cold off the slab for ya featuring images from the upcoming Season 4.

New Walking Dead Season 4 Character Images

The fourth season of "The Walking Dead" is finally officially on our horizon, and after last night's "Breaking Bad," we're all pretty hungry to settle in for some more carnage and heartbreak. Weird how that works, huh? In any event, get your new character promo images right here!

Kill Another 30 Seconds With The Walking Dead

A new TV spot in promotion of the fourth season of "The Walking Dead" has hit the wire, and we have every second of it for you right here! Check it out, and of course look for much more soon!

Alanna Masterson to Fight for Her Life in The Walking Dead

After what feels like an eternity, "The Walking Dead" at long last returns to AMC in just a few weeks, the fourth season of the show premiering on October 13. While we wait, we've got a hot off the presses new bit of casting news for ya.

New Images From The Walking Dead Episode 4.01

Finally some new images from the upcoming fourth season of "The Walking Dead," have hit the wire and we have each and every one of them for you right here! Check them out and look for much more soon!

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Win The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 DVD Set!

Yeah, you read that headline correctly. To celebrate the 30 September UK DVD/Blu-ray release of Season 3 of AMC's acclaimed "The Walking Dead" courtesy of Entertainment One, we've secured our rotting mitts on a box set containing the complete first three seasons. Get in it to win it!

New Walking Dead Casting News! Christian Serratos Brings Rosita to Life

While we all wait patiently for AMC's fourth season of "The Walking Dead" to begin shambling our way, some new casting news has hit the wire that's kind of unexpected. Then again, this show has taught us to expect the unexpected.

AMC Announces The Walking Dead Spin-Off Series

Just a week after announcing that "Breaking Bad" would soon be getting its own spinoff, today comes the news that AMC is looking to give the same treatment to another popular show of theirs, "The Walking Dead."

Check Out Four Minutes of The Walking Dead Season 4

AMC has put together a four-minute preview of the upcoming fourth season of "The Walking Dead," and we have every walker-filled second of it right here for you. Cold and twitchin'!

Rick and Daryl Get Up Close and Personal in New Walking Dead Promo Images

Fans of Rick and Daryl should be pleased with these latest two promo images from AMC's upcoming fourth season of "The Walking Dead." Be warned... Rick's murder face is bound to haunt you the rest of the day.

Another Teaser from The Walking Dead Season 4 Finds Its Way In

It's Sunday night so AMC has taken advantage of the large number of eyes glued to the channel for "Breaking Bad" and released another quick promo for "The Walking Dead" Season 4. Something mysterious threatens the safety at the prison. It's gonna be hell waiting to find out what it is!