Amber Alert

Tom Berenger Finds Terror on the Highway in Amber Alert

Not to be confused with the god-awful found footage film with almost the same name, on tap right now we have the artwork and trailer for Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway, which is headed our way courtesy of Nasser Entertainment.

An Amber Alert Issued on DVD

There's nothing more horrifying than hearing about a child being kidnapped by a psychopath.... but what if you had a chance to make a difference? What if you could engage the murderous loony and fight for the kid. Would you do it? That's the question posed in Amber Alert.

An Amber Alert Issued on VOD! New Trailer and Artwork!

Wrekin Hill Entertainment's latest found footage flick, Amber Alert, is now on VOD platforms (with a November theatrical run planned). For the love of all that is holy, make sure you tune in... you are this girl's last hope!

Wrekin Hill Entertainment Finds Footage; Issues Amber Alert

Wrekin Hill Entertainment has acquired the North American rights to found footage thriller Amber Alert and will release the film day and date in theaters and via video-on-demand services this fall. Read on for the details.

An Amber Alert Signals Horror

"Amber Alerts", as you know, are warnings to be on the lookout for missing children, and if you think that there's nothing more horrific than the thought of someone stealing your little scamp, we can assure you sometimes finding the person who did it can be a lot worse.