Amanda Dyar

Goldilocks in Zombie Land Reveals New Issue #1 Cosplay Cover

Goldilocks in Zombie Land, available from Comic Book Divas, held a cosplay contest last year with the winner being featured on a special variant cover of the first issue. CBD recently announced that the winner of the contest was none other than Dread Central's own Amanda Dyar.

BioGamer Girl Magazine Brings the Horror Goods for Kids of All Ages

The spring 2012 issue of BioGamer Girl Magazine is out now, and you can find all kinds of great horror and gaming content within its pages including reviews of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Neverdead, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Silent Hill Downpour.

Listen to New Music from BGG's Life Weaver

Independent developer BGG Productions and its partner, BioGamer Girl, have announced the release of a full-length soundtrack for their new survival horror game Life Weaver. The soundtrack was composed by musician Amanda Dyar, and it can be purchased for a limited time for $19.99.