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Ride the Iron Horse to See this New Preview of Cult

With just a few weeks remaining until the premiere of "Cult" on The CW, we got our hands on another quick preview of the show. There's a train coming! Are you on board?

New Artwork for The CW's Cult

A couple of days ago we got our hands on a creepy new teaser video for "Cult," which debuts on The CW on February 19th, and now to go along with it, we have a look at some creepy new artwork courtesy of EW.

Creepy New Teaser for The CW's Cult Premiere

One new midseason replacement series we're hoping doesn't get lost in the shuffle (or in the backlash against shows that are perceived to be violent) is The CW's "Cult." It has a really different vibe from anything else out there, and along those lines the network has unveiled a creepy new promo teaser for it.

Image Gallery from The CW's Cult Pilot

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement that "Cult" will be premiering on The CW on February 19, 2013, the network sent over a batch of photos from the show's pilot that we're happy to share right here.

Finally The CW Reveals the Premiere Date for Cult

We've been waiting for several months for The CW to reveal the premiere date of its midseason replacement series "Cult," and now finally the word has come. Check out some new artwork and a teaser preview the network sent over for all the details!

Two Familiar Faces Heading to The CW's Cult

Some casting news has come in for The CW's midseason replacement series "Cult," and thanks to the magic of Twitter and the interwebs, we have all the details you need right here. Hopefully we'll also get word on a premiere date soon!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Cult Panel, Trailer, and New Poster

We'll be posting our roundtable interviews with the cast and crew of The CW's new midseason replacement series "Cult" shortly, but in the meantime we got our hands on the show's SDCC panel along with its new one-sheet and trailer.

Andrew Leeds Joins the Cast of The CW's Cult

Another familiar face has signed on for the pilot of The CW's potential new series "Cult" in the form of "Bones" villain Andrew Leeds, who joins the already announced Jessica Lucas, Matt Davis, Robert Knepper, and Alona Tal.

More Familiar Faces Joining The CW's Cult

Following up on the news that Matt Davis ("The Vampire Diaries") has joined Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield, The Evil Dead (2013)) in the pilot for "Cult" on The CW, we've uncovered a couple of other very familiar faces who will also be appearing on the show should it make it onto the network's upcoming fall schedule.

Sera Gamble Discusses the Secret Dean Is Keeping from Sam in Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

There's no doubt that the showrunners of The CW's most popular genre shows cater to their audiences more than just about anyone else. Case in point: another preview video from an executive producer of one of this week's episodes just landed online. Watch as Sera Gamble gives us a sneak peek at the secret Dean is keeping from Sam in "Supernatural" Episode 7.04, "Defending Your Life".

A Clip and Some Stills from Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

Poor Dean Winchester can't catch a break. Apparently saving the planet from destruction just isn't good enough as this week on "Supernatural" he finds himself on trial for his past mistakes. The CW provided us with an image gallery and a new clip from the episode, entitled "Defending Your Life"; think they'll shed any light on his ultimate verdict?

Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

Alona Tal returns to "Supernatural" this week as Dean is forced to confront his past mistakes in Episode 7.04, "Defending Your Life". In a true "Supernatural" type twist, it's not a Judeo-Christian deity who's behind it all but rather the Egyptian god Osiris. Check out a preview of the ep!

Undocumented (2010)

Starring Scott Mechlowicz, Alona Tal, Yancey Arias, Greg Serano, Kevin Weisman, Chad Brummett, Tim Draxl Directed by Chris Peckover

A Familiar Face Returns for Episode 4 of Supernatural Season 7 - Defending Your Life

We weren't huge fans of the character of Jo on "Supernatural", but we do like Alona Tal, the actress who portrayed her, so it's good news that she'll be returning for the fourth episode of this season, entitled "Defending Your Life". The ep's synopsis follows.

Two More Lend Their Voices to Night of the Living Dead: Origins

It's been a little over a month since last we talked about Zebediah de Soto's Night of the Living Dead: Origins, and since then two more stars have agreed to lend their voices to this truly original spin on the classic.