All Signs of Death

No Signs of Death for Alan Ball at HBO

And the crappy news keeps piling up today. We told you a few months ago about "True Blood" creator Alan Ball's newest project for HBO entitled "All Signs of Death". Sadly, it's likely that's all you're ever going to hear about it.

Casting News for Alan Ball's All Signs of Death

With "True Blood" chugging along quite nicely toward the end of its Season Three run, it seems Alan Ball has enough time on his hands to start prepping his next series for HBO, "All Signs of Death", which is based on the Charlie Huston crime noir novel The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death. Word recently came down as to whom Ball has cast to appear in the pilot, and things are looking quite good indeed.

Alan Ball to Point Out All Signs of Death for HBO

With a more than successful run with "Six Feet Under" under his belt and a now blazing hot season of "True Blood" in full swing, it's no wonder that series creator Alan Ball is one of HBO's golden boys. Given that his material has never strayed from, shall we say, the dark side, we love him to pieces as well. Now the man has a third series in the works for the cable giant that looks to get really messy in the best of ways!