Magnet Gets a Splinter

Toby Wilkins’ name is all over the place as of late, thanks to his being the first director to be attached to a Grudge film who’s name doesn’t start with Takashi and end with Shimizu, and now he’s getting even more attention thanks to Magnet nabbing is first film, Splinter, for distribution in the US.

Pics, Details on Wilkins' Splinter

** Editor's Note: Pics were removed by request of the filmmakers** While Toby Wilkins preps to get behind the camera to direct the incredibly unwelcome sequel, The Grudge 3, the folks over at Upcoming Horror Movies managed to find out more about his feature debut, Splinter, which we’ve not heard of in months ("Wilkins Gets a Splinter" – May 2007).

Transfusion Helmer Visits Area 52

Steven C. Miller is finally reaping the benefits all the high praise his first film, Automaton Transfusion (review), has created, signing on to direct the comic book adaptation Area 52 for Benderspink according to Daily Variety.

Wilkins Gets A Splinter

The horror movie industry is the best starting place for young filmmakers. Getting a cheap horror flick out on DVD is easy, and it could get you noticed pretty quick. The grand number of film festivals focused on our genre also aids in getting talent noticed, such as Toby Wilkins.

Alien Invasion Arizona (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Daniel Southworth, Avery Clyde, Sam McConkey, James Luca, "Tank" Directed by Dustin Rikert Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Sanchez, Eduardo (Altered) Audio

So whatever did happen to those guys who made The Blair Witch Project? To horror fans without their ears to the grindstone (as it were) like us, they may have seen the duo responsible for the groundbreaking film, Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick, as one-trick ponies, two guys with one really

Altered (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring James Gammon, Brad William Henke, Adam Kaufman, Catherine Mangan, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Michael C. Williams, Misty Rosas, Joe Unger Directed by Eduardo Sánchez

First News & Pic From Plaguers

Just got word in our inbox from Mutation directors Brad and Josephina Sykes about their latest collaboration, a badass sounding genre mix called Plaguers.

Altered Trailer & Site!

December 19th will see the release of Eduardo Sanchez’s return to horror filmmaking, his first since the original Blair Witch Project, via a little movie called Altered. The film deals with a group of friends who were once abducted by aliens. 15 years later they manage to capture one of the aliens with the aim of enacting some revenge, but payback can be a bitch for both sides. Curious about it? I know I am!

Altered to DVD

We’ve been waiting for word on Eduardo Sanchez’s return to horror, his first since he co-directed The Blair Witch Project, but all has been quiet for a very long while now. Then, out of nowhere, Universal Home Entertainment makes the announcement that the film will be direct-to-DVD on December 19th, with the only features announced so far being deleted scenes. Below you can see the artwork courtesy of DVD Active, which we’ll be sure to update once we find a better looking image.

Sanchez Gets Altered

All has been quiet on the Altered front, the film that marks the directorial return of Blair Witch co-creator Eduardo Sanchez. We knew the film was in the can a while ago, but no release plans have been formally announced yet, other than that Rogue will be putting it out in 2007.

Evil Aliens (2005)

Staring Chris (The Last Horror Movie) Adamson, Emily (Cradle of Fear) Booth, Sam Butler, Jennifer Evans Directed by Jake West Hey, when JB asks for a review of a movie I felt I should jump at the chance. So, even though my alcohol soaked brain may not have retained a full movie full of facts and I didn't have the foresight to bring a pad to take notes, here is my humble scribbles for an awesome flick which deserves so much more.

Deadly Spawn, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Charles George Hildebrandt, Tom DeFranco, Richard Lee Porter, Jean Tafler Directed by Douglas McKeown Released by Synapse Films

Myrick, Dan (The Objective)

You can't deny the fact that the first time you saw The Blair Witch Project you knew the people behind it were going places in the industry. One of them, Dan Myrick, has a new film