Watch a Disturbing New Clip from The Fourth Kind

Not since Fire in the Sky have we been so disturbed by a single clip involving alien abductions. Strap in, folks, and clench your butt cheeks together as tightly as you can lest you be probed!

Informative Final Fourth Kind One-Sheet

The final one-sheet for Milla Jovovich's latest vehicle, The Fourth Kind, has been released; and in case you're wondering what other kinds of stuff you may have to deal with, this one lays it all out for you.

District 9 Blu-ray and DVD Art Hovers Over Us

The artwork for the December release of the ever-so-badass District 9 finally surfaced today to go along with the DVD and Blu-ray specs announced earlier, and we've got a look at the goods for ya!

A Fresh Batch of Stills for The Fourth Kind

With the November 6th release date for The Fourth Kind rapidly approaching, Universal Pictures has released an assortment of new photos from the film, and of course we've got them for you here.

District 9 DVD and Blu-ray Specs

A couple of Dread Central staffers were discussing our preliminary picks for the best films of 2009 the other day, and one that we all agreed on was Neill Blomkamp's stellar District 9 (review here).

The Fourth Kind Campaign Explains The Steps

We all know what close encounters of the third kind (thank you Spielberg) can be like, but what of the first, the second, and of course the fourth?

High Plains Invaders (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring James Marsters, Cindy Sampson, Sammy Van Heteren, and Sebastian Knapp. Directed by Kristoffer Tabori Starship Troopers goes west... High Plains Invaders is an above average Syfy original, a pleasantly diverting Wild West creature feature worthy of a Saturday matinee viewing.

Stephenie Meyer's The Host Heading to the Big Screen

Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer is about to see another one of her projects up on the big screen, and luckily for us, this one's geared toward adults. Rights to Meyer's The Host have been acquired by producers Nick Wechsler and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz (who also teamed up for John Hillcoat's adaptation of The Road).

Uplifting Poster for The Fourth Kind

Milla Jovovich's latest vehicle, The Fourth Kind, is quickly approaching, and now that we've had a trailer and stills, the film's one-sheet is ready to take center stage.

The Fourth Kind to Close Screamfest LA

LA's biggest and scariest film festival, Screamfest LA 2009, is bringing down the curtain on their show with an other-worldly visit from outer space. No we're not talking a conglomeration of the weirdo costume people in front of Graumman's, we're talking the new Milla Jovovich flick from Universal, The Fourth Kind. Synopsis

Milla Jovovich to Show Us The Fourth Kind

Here at Dread Central we love us some Milla Jovovich. She loves horror, kicks ass, and is gorgeous. Now that's what we call a total package. The new trailer for her latest film, The Fourth Kind, dropped online today, and we've got a hi-rez look at it for ya!

Reminder: District 9 Review Now Live! See it This Weekend!

There's no question one of the most anticipated films of this year is the Peter Jackson produced alien epic District 9 directed by Neill Blomkamp. Does it live up to the hype? Signs point to HELL YES!

Motion Picture Purgatory: District 9

District 9 is sitting pretty at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes right now, which of course means that Rick Trembles has to chime in with his $.02 on the film. After you've seen what Trembles came up with, read Nomad's review also.

*UPDATE* District 9 Clips and Final Trailer

Two clips from one of the best films of the summer, if not the best film of the summer, have hot online for you to dig on. So which side will you be on? The separatists or the sympathisers? Come this Friday the battle lines will be officially drawn!

Rider Strong Faces a Darkening Sky

Cabin Fever's Rider Strong is about to deal with a lot more than just a nasty flesh-eating virus in the new indie sci-fi/horror/psychological thriller hybrid Darkening Sky. Good thing for him he has a pretty killer cast along with him to shoulder the threat from this new menace.