Aliens Vs Predator

DLC Hatches for Aliens vs. Predator

Just in time for Predators comes some DLC for Sega's Aliens vs. Predator video game. Is it worth your while? Come on in and make up your own mind!

Aliens vs. Predator Content Comes to Sony Playstation Home

Sega just announced today that for a limited time you can buy some pretty nifty Aliens vs. Predator stuff for the Sony Playstation Home service! That's right, kids! You can now get your hands on Alien or Predator themed skins for your Home avatar and more! Yet ... I still can't put a normal goatee on my character. Even more frustrating, the goatee I'd like is the one used on the icon for facial hair. Well, at least we can all be Xenomorphs!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Aliens vs. Predator DLC!

Last week Sega released the first bit of downloadable content for its latest game, Aliens vs. Predator (review here). Titled the "Swarm Pack", it enables gamers to finally check out some of the goodies that players who bought the Hunter Edition of the game had been enjoying.

Aliens vs. Predator (Video Game)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Available for the Xbox 360 (reviewed), PlayStation 3, PC Published by Sega of America

Completely Badass Screenshots From New AVP Game

Ever wonder what it was like to play as an Alien, a Predator, or a Space Marine dealing with these two menaces? Better yet, ever wonder what it was like to have something good be done with the Aliens Vs. Predator franchise? Sega of America looks to be onto something we've been screaming for.

Sega Announces New AVP Game!

Sega dropped word today that they will soon be publishing a brand-new Aliens Vs. Predator game, the screenshots of which alone will be better than both films combined!