Sigourney Weaver Wants More of Aliens

Here's the thing ... when Sigourney Weaver says that she wants to continue fighting aliens, you let her continue to fight aliens. You don't think about it. You don't mull over the details. You hand her a pen and a contract and ask her to please sign. In a perfect world, kids!

Go Behind the Scenes of Prometheus in Iceland

All right, kids! It's time once again to make a mad dash to see some new behind-the-scenes imagery from Ridley Scott's Prometheus before we're asked as per usual to take them down. Hooray! The new images, courtesy of AVP Galaxy, are from the shoot in Iceland where Scott is prepping his beginning of time sequence. Dig on them below.

Ridley Scott Bound for Iceland for Prometheus

When you are Ridley Scott, director of such earth-shaking films as Alien, Gladiator, Blade Runner and Hannibal, you can pretty much call the shots. And where has Scott decided his next film will be shot: at the foot of Iceland's Hekla volcano. This is the same volcano international media reported was about to blow at any moment. The director wasn't fazed by the report.

B-Sides: Must Love Blob Double Feature

The original 1958 version of The Blob opened with a kooky custom theme song that was all about warning listeners to “beware of the blob”. The 1988 remake concludes with a power ballad that ... I’m not really sure what “Brave New Love” has to do with not getting devoured by acidic ooze.

New Prometheus Set Pics Offer First Look at Alien World

A couple of new images from the set of Ridley Scott's upcoming could-be-an-Alien-prequel, Prometheus, have popped up online, and if we were you, we'd hurry up and view them stat. Something tells us they won't be around very long! Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green, Ben Foster, and Michael Fassbender.

Ben Foster Boards Prometheus; Official Synopsis Revealed

Well now, it seems the real cat is out of the bag as far as the official synopsis for Ridley Scott's upcoming could-be-an-Alien-prequel, Prometheus, goes; and with it comes the announcement of a new cast member.

Prometheus Plot Details Revealed?

Could it be? Really? A plot outline for Ridley Scott's upcoming could-be-an-Alien-prequel, Prometheus? Honestly? No one really knows for sure so we'll file this under rumor until confirmation comes.

What is Prometheus? The Answer is Finally Here!

Questions abound regarding Ridley Scott's upcoming could-be-an-Alien-prequel, Prometheus. Will it have aliens? Will it tie in to the other Alien films? Just what the hell is it? Well, some answers have finally come.

Damon Lindelof Talks Prometheus

Some more chatter is coming in for Ridley Scott's upcoming could-be-an-Alien-prequel, Prometheus, this time from Damon Lindelof, who recently appeared on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. Get ready to dig a little deeper regarding just what the hell this flick is.

Creature Designer Neville Page Talks Prometheus

We still really don't know a damned thing about Ridely Scott's upcoming film, Prometheus, other than it could be an Alien prequel and it has a killer cast. Will we get any Xenomorph action? Hell, will we get any monster action at all?

First Behind-the-Scenes Images from the Set of Prometheus

The following Prometheus images came to our attention yesterday, but we've been sitting on them ever since, the reason being that several sites hosting them were asked to take them down. However, that hasn't stopped their spread, and they're still very much out there on some major banners. So without further ado ... here they are.

E3 2011: Incredible New Imagery: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Seriously? If you guys smell anything, it could be me as I just shit in my pants. If Sega's Aliens: Colonial Marines can live up to even a tenth of the madness contained in the following stills, we could be in for the interactive bug hunt we've all been waiting for! Gaze. Drool. Want. From the Press Release:

E3 2011: Aliens: Colonial Marines Spring into Action in 2012

It's been a long, long road to get Aliens: Colonial Marines to consoles. At one point it seemed as if it was never coming. Thankfully, though, the powers-that-be have gotten it back on track! From the Press Release:

Who's Building Prometheus' Space Jockeys and Xenomorphs?

When it comes to movies that at one time got us excited but now give us headaches, 20th Century Fox's Prometheus, you know that flick that happens in the Alien universe that may or may not be part of the Alien franchise, is way up there at the top of our lists just below Ghostbusters 3.

More Alien Prequels / Sequels on the Way?

Though no one is exactly positive just how Prometheus will be fitting into the Alien franchise, that doesn't mean talk of more films that definitely will is out of the question. Read on for details. Our friend Clint from Moviehole was privy to some recent behind-the-scenes chatter, and here's what he had to say ...