NECA Unveils New Planet of the Apes, Alien, Jason, Ash, and Eddie Figures

NECA is unleashing all manner of incredible plastic play things at this year's Toy Fair ,and we have a gallery of some of the most devilish collectibles to hit the show floor. Check 'em out!

Guest Blog: Author Tim Lebbon's Top Ten Alien Moments

Titan Books is releasing Tim Lebbon's Alien: Out of the Shadows, an official Alien novel and Book #1 in a trilogy, tomorrow, January 28th; and in honor of the occasion the author has provided us with his "Top Ten Alien Moments."

Titan Books Kicks Off Official New Alien Trilogy with Alien: Out of the Shadows

Sure, everyone's talking about the upcoming Alien video game, Isolation, but if you don't want to wait so long to revisit that world or aren't a gamer, then pay attention to this news about Alien: Out of the Shadows, a new book from Tim Lebbon.

NECA Unveils Retro Ash and New Aliens Figures

NECA Toys has unveiled your first look at some of its new figures for 2014, and though you cannot dig your claws into these goodies yet, just seeing them puts the ho-ho-ho in horror! Check 'em out and feel your wallets start burning.

Diamond Select's Spring 2014 Line Includes Godzilla, Alien, and an Evil Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Diamond Select Toys has revealed its spring 2014 lineup, and it includes three items that should be of interest to the horror crowd, including their first ever Godzilla and Alien items.

IMDB Names 13 Best Horror Movies / TV Episodes

Looking for suggestions of what to watch this Halloween night? Well, the Internet Movie Database may just have the exact recipe you're looking for to add a heaping helping of spooky to your evening!

Aliens Xeno-Morphs Into Primetime Sitcom!

It's pretty much common knowledge that Aliens was almost turned into an animated series for children. But did you know that it also almost became a sitcom in the 1980s?

Take a Look at the Prototype for the Alien Nostromo Spacesuit by NECA

With the 35th anniversary of Ridley's Scott's legendary film Alien coming next year, there will be plenty of celebratory swag. Take an early look at NECA's wax sculpt for the Nostromo spacesuit.

Xenomorph Brass Knuckles: The Most Badass Thing You'll See All Day!

I don't think there's a movie that has inspired more awesome merchandise, both fan-made and official, than Alien. If you slap a Xenomorph onto pretty much anything, it instantly becomes totally badass, and it's pretty much a guarantee that I'm gonna buy it.

NECA Unleashes Alien Egg with Launchable Facehugger!

Just writing that headline has made me giddy as an 8-year-old waking up on Christmas morning finding out that Santa Claus has brought him a pony! Yes, that giddy. Read on for the reveal, which includes a neat little video!

Alien to Become a Theme Park Attraction in Malaysia

Oh, what we wouldn't give for a haunted attraction based on the 20th Century Fox Alien franchise. I mean, really. The possibilities are friggin' endless, man. Still, one is soon to exist, but damn is it far away. Time to make travel plans.

NECA Talks Planet of the Apes; Classic Alien Figures on the Way!

When it comes to horror-themed collectibles, NECA Toys is amongst the top of the heap, always producing quality sculpts and wowing fans on a consistent basis. Next up from them is talk of two new figures line based on The Planet of the Apes and Aliens.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Super7's SDCC Alien Exclusives Will Cause Those in Space to Hear You Scream

We've been talking about Super7's retro-style Alien action figures for a few months now, and get ready because we have a whole gallery of goodies on tap for you to spy. Check 'em out!

Super7 Alien Figure Images Will Hear You Scream

Super7 has updated its website with some hero shots of the company's upcoming action figure line based on the original Alien, and we have all the images for you right here. Prepare to drool like a Xenomorph if only because of their retro-style kitsch value!

SEGA Admits Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailers Were Misrepresentative of Final Product

Aliens: Colonial Marines met with many harsh reviews when it released with many fans saying the final product wasn't what was seen in the trailers for the game. Well, SEGA has agreed to add a disclaimer to the trailers and admits they didn't accurately reflect the final content of the game.