Alien vs Predator

Alien Week Now Happening At GamersGate

Alien Week is now taking place at GamersGate. You can get terrifying games such as Aliens vs. Predator, Precursors, Clutch and many more at nearly 40% to 75% off the original price!

AVP Lawsuit Comes to End for Writer

And today's lesson ... Sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone. Or at least make damn sure you're in the right! In case you didn't know, a writer has been in litigation with 20th Century Fox, accusing the studio of stealing his script for Alien vs. Predator. Why anyone would want to put his name on that mess is beyond us, but in any event the verdict is in ...

The Horrors of E3

With so many gameplay trailers and launch trailers coming out at such a fast and furious pace, it makes little to know sense to do a story on each one. Instead, here's a bunch of stuff all in one neat little blood-soaked spot!

AvP Dead, Predator Lives On?

Now this sure would be a strange turn of events. Honestly, if any franchise lived on after the Alien vs. Predator films were done, I would have guessed it’d be Aliens, mainly because it's been around for so long. According to producer John Davis, however, it’s Predator.