Alien Armageddon

Experience the Alien Armageddon on December 6th

This has not been a good year for Los Angelino/extraterrestrial relations. First there was Battle: Los Angeles. Then The Asylum’s Battle of Los Angeles. Now there’s Alien Armageddon, which, not surprisingly, was originally titled Battleground Los Angeles.

The Alien Armageddon is Upon Us!

You know we're really starting to wonder ... what is it about Los Angeles that has every damned extraterrestrial so hot to conquer it lately? Are they just massive fans of Pinkberry, or are they demanding a star on the Walk of Fame? Whatever the case they're back, and we have the photographic evidence to prove it!

Halcyon Pix Unleashing Aliens, Androids, Dracula, The Mummy - Oh My!

Halcyon International Pictures has updated their website with word of several news small budgeted genre pics featuring alien, android, and zombie invaders, as well as updates of Dracula and The Mummy under their "Famous Monsters of Filmland" banner.