Alien 3

Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Titan's Reissue of Alien 3: The Official Movie Novelization

We told you a few days ago that Titan Books had another Alien novelization re-release heading our way, and yesterday Alien 3: The Official Movie Novelization hit US stores so there's no better time than now to share an exclusive excerpt from it!

Titan Continues Ripley's Tale with the Reissue of Alien 3: The Official Movie Novelization

Titan Books is back with another re-release that should make for great summer reading for fans of the Alien franchise: Look for Alien 3: The Official Movie Novelization on May 27 in the US and a month later in the UK.

Best Trailers for Bad Movies

First impressions are everything, which is why the art of the movie trailer has become the most vital tool in the film industry. A bad trailer can sour you on the best movie, but most of the time it’s the other way around. If Hollywood does anything right, it’s selling us a slow-cooked turd as delicious chocolate.

Guest Blog: Author Tim Lebbon's Top Ten Alien Moments

Titan Books is releasing Tim Lebbon's Alien: Out of the Shadows, an official Alien novel and Book #1 in a trilogy, tomorrow, January 28th; and in honor of the occasion the author has provided us with his "Top Ten Alien Moments."

Go Behind the Scenes of Alien 3

Speaking completely for myself, I have a lot of love for Alien 3, and it stands amongst one of my favorites in the entire franchise. Especially David Fincher's director's cut. Today a couple of videos have come to our attention that showcase some behind-the-scenes goodies from the flick! Dig it!

Rest in Peace Pete Postlethwaite

Another Oscar nominated actor and genre favorite is no longer with us, and though he's been taken from this world at an all too young age, he's left behind one hell of a film legacy.