Alice in Wonderland

Marilyn Manson's Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll Back From the Dead?

Back in 2010 Marilyn Manson's idea for a movie called Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll seemed to have been in place and moving along quite nicely. We even had a good cast consisting of Manson himself, Lily Cole, Tilda Swinton, and Evan Rachel Wood.

Black Swan Lands Five Oscar Nominations; The Wolfman Nabs a Nod for Makeup

While The King's Speech leads the pack with twelve Oscar nominations, Black Swan did the horror genre proud by landing five prestigious nominations earlier today. And the much maligned The Wolfman made a surprise appearance as well with a nod in the Makeup category for Rick Baker and Dave Elsey.

Marilyn Manson's Phantasmagoria Shut Down

On again. Off again. On again. Off again. That's been about par for the course concerning Marilyn Manson's idea for a movie called Phantasmagoria, which was to be based on Alice in Wonderland scribe Lewis Carroll. Everything seemed to have been in place. We even had a good cast consisting of Manson himself, Lily Cole, Tilda Swinton, and Evan Rachel Wood.

After Years of Anticipation - Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll Teaser Trailer

It was years ago when we first reported on Marilyn Manson's idea for a movie called Phantasmagoria, which was to be based on Alice in Wonderland scribe Lewis Carroll. Despite numerous delays, it appears things *may* be back on track as a teaser trailer has recently surfaced.

DVD Releases: March 2, 2010: Bitch Slap the Last of the Living in 2012

A lot of collections hit store shelves this week including three horror sets, a Sherlock Holmes four-pack, three sci-fi quartets, and a package from 20th Century Fox consisting of The Fly, The Omen, and Independence Day in honor of "75 years of award-winning drama". In addition, fans of the series Poltergeist: The Legacy finally get Season 2 on disc, albeit in the form of an on demand recorded DVD-R.

UPDATED: A Tour of Tim Burton's Wonderland / Odeon Boycott Avoided

With its March 5th premiere approaching, Tim Burton's 3D vision of Alice in Wonderland is sure to appeal to genre fans. Which is why we're providing a video tour of the props, costumes, and set pieces from the film that Nomad recorded for us during last year's San Diego Comic-Con.

DVD Releases: Jan. 26, 2010: Who Saw VI of The Double Born Sink into the Madness of Pontypool?

Lots of goodies are hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week including the better than it should have been Saw VI, the second installment of Matt Pizzolo's Godkiller: Walk Among Us, Frank Henenlotter's return to form Bad Biology, and our pick of the week, Canada's claustrophobic Pontypool.

Medicom Reveals its Alice and Mad Hatter Figures

We've been a bit hit or miss with our coverage of Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland due to not being entirely sure how horror oriented it may be, but after seeing Medicom's new Alice and Mad Hatter figures from Japan, we just had to share.

Mad Hatter and Mummy Mickey from Medicom

Medicom has held a Disney license for some time now ... sometimes creating beautiful vinyl figures capturing every inch of your favorite characters and sometimes taking that character to extremes we never expected!

SDCC 09: EW Sneak Peeks Genre Fare

Everyone's gearing up for next week's huge show, the beast known as San Diego Comic-Con, and you can look forward to some pretty insane coverage from us live at the event, but even as we speak the media machine is officially in overdrive!

New Images from Alice in Wonderland

We all knew Tim Burton was liable to come up with some pretty amazing imagery for his upcoming Alice in Wonderland, and today we found out just how incredible it is.

First Look at Tim Burton's Alice

We're still not sure exactly how "dark" Tim Burton's adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic tale Alice in Wonderland will be but thought both he and the story have enough fans that you guys would be interested in seeing some preliminary pictures from the set.

First Look at Depp as Mad Hatter?

If you can give Tim Burton anything, it’s that he gets his actors to wear some pretty ridiculous things in the name of his art. Take, for example, this candid shot of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter from Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland adaptation. Not what I expected, for sure.

Glover Joins Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Some good news came down regarding Tim Burton’s upcoming unnecessary re-interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland; Crispin Glover has joined the cast as the Knave of Hearts according to THR!

Hathaway, Bonham Carter Join Wonderland

Ah ha! Finally it has happened -- the inevitable casting of Burton regular Helena Bonham Carter in his latest film, Alice in Wonderland. I knew I should’ve gone to Vegas to get a bet on the timing of this announcement; I could be a very rich man right now.