Alice Eve

Exclusive Interview: Director David Brooks Talks ATM and More

In ATM we follow three co-workers who, after leaving a company party together and making a quick stop for some cash, end up in a desperate struggle for survival when an unknown man appears outside an ATM vestibule in the middle of nowhere, threatening their very lives.

The Raven Gallery Explodes with Nearly 50 Images!

You say you want to look at some images from the upcoming flick The Raven? Holy hell, have you just hit pay dirt. Pull up your chairs, kids. You're likely to be here for a while.

New TV Spot for The Raven Swoops in for the Kill

Need a quick Poe fix? Well, how about kind of a Poe fix (i.e., a movie about a series of murders in relation to the man's fiction)? Oh, you know what we mean... New TV spot for The Raven. Watch. Now. You're welcome.

International Poster for The Raven Starts the Pendulum Swinging

Fans of the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale The Pit and the Pendulum will no doubt find a lot to like in the latest international one-sheet for The Raven. Check it out!

ATM (2012)

Starring Brian Geraghty, Josh Peck, Alice Eve Directed by David Brooks

Third TV Spot for The Raven Challenges You to a Game of Wits

TV spot number three for The Raven has made its way online, and as per usual we've snagged it for ya and have it on display complete with pointy beak and feathers. Well, no, not really, but still!

Second TV Spot for The Raven Comes Tap Tap Tapping

TV spot number two is here for The Raven, and it does a lot to excite in about 30 seconds. Let's hope the movie itself is just as good.

First TV Spot for The Raven Premieres Online

The first TV spot for The Raven has landed online, and we've got your road map to the goods because Entertainment Weekly has yet to solve the riddle of the embed code.

OMFG! Shamble On in to Peep the One-Sheet Debut for ATM and Get Treated to Two Clips! Wowie Wow Wow!

How's that for a headline filled with hyperbole? Just having a little fun... In any event, though, ATM is looking pretty good, and we have the newly released domestic one-sheet and even a couple of clips for you to dig upon!

A New Trailer for The Raven Flies in From Across the Pond

The official UK trailer for The Raven has hit this crazy thing we call the interwebs and we're here to save you the plane fare to go and see it. Check it out!

Official Image Gallery for The Raven Flies In

There's nothing like adding a little Edgar Allan Poe to your day to brighten things up in the darkest of ways. We've got lots of new images for you to check out so get to steppin'!

Three New Stills From ATM are Out of Order

Trapped by a killer. With our luck it could happen to us anywhere. Especially if we're with Buz and in Mexico. They hate him there. No one really knows why. But yeah, three new stills from ATM have made their way to the DC offices. Dig it.

Withdraw an Italian TV Spot from the ATM

While we still wait patiently for the domestic goodies, Italy already has a TV spot for the upcoming psycho on the loose flick ATM. Check it out along with a side of garlic knots.

International One-Sheet for ATM Slips Online

While we still haven't seen a domestic poster anywhere, an international one-sheet for ATM has made its way to the interwebs. Dig it!

New One-Sheet for The Raven Takes Flight

First we get a new release date, and now comes a brand spanking new poster for The Raven. See how quickly things work around here. Good thing we all jog in our human-sized habitrail in between stories so we can stay pumped up!