Alice Evans

Grimm's #ShirtlessRage Twitter Campaign Pays Off; See a Revealing Deleted Scene Featuring Sasha Roiz

If you're a fan of "Grimm" on NBC and follow Sasha Roiz, one of its stars, on Twitter, then you know all about the #ShirtlessRage campaign to get NBC to air a deleted scene that features him. We have all the details here... along with the newly released scene.

Full Synopsis Revealed for Grimm Episode 2.06 - Over My Dead Body

"Grimm" returns to Friday nights on NBC in two weeks, but in the meantime we've tracked down the official synopsis for the episode following that one, #2.06, entitled "Over My Dead Body," airing October 5th.

Maddie Hasson and Alice Evans Ready to Get Grimm

Are you a fan of "Grimm?" Are you excited for what Season Two will hold for our always embattled hero? Then read on as two new faces have joined the ever growing cast of people stepping up to walk on the dark side.