Alice Cooper

Dark Shadows - Alice Cooper Appearance Confirmed

Back in June we told you that legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper may indeed be appearing in Tim Burton's big screen adaptation of the TV vampire soap Dark Shadows, and today the official word has come.

Doctor Gash's Tip of the Scalpel: A Tribute to Alice Cooper

"Welcome to my nightmare." Alice Cooper had a big impact on the impressionable mind of the young Doctor Gash. One of my earliest, yet most personality molding television memories as a child was watching the infamous Alice Cooper episode of "The Muppet Show," which aired on March 28, 1978.

B-Sides: Freddy vs. Jason – Whoever Wins, We Boogie

You know a horror character has truly achieved iconic status when his likeness has become a staple of Halloween costuming and he gets mainstream musical acts singing songs about him. Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees both achieved that status back in the latter half of the 80’s, and they did it with a little help from The Fat Boys and Alice Cooper.

Event Report: The 2011 Eyegore Awards Celebrate the Best and Brightest of the Horror Genre

This past Friday night, September 23rd, the Halloween season officially kicked off in style with the 2011 Eyegore Awards held at the Globe Theater at Universal Studios in Hollywood as part of the opening night of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. Hosted by genre veteran and previous Eyegore winner Corey Feldman (who was joined on stage by a wisecracking zombie scarecrow), many of horror's biggest names came out to celebrate our favorite time of year and pay homage to several of the genre's biggest contributors and newcomers alike.

A Family Photo - First Look at Entire Dark Shadows Cast

There now; that's much better! Breathe a sigh of relief, kids. The first official cast "Family Photo" from Tim Burton's upcoming take on the classic TV soap "Dark Shadows" is finally here, and everyone is looking as they should, including Johnny Depp.

Dark Shadows - The Strangest Images of Johnny Depp You'll Ever See

Here's the cold hard reality of the static age we live in - sometimes you see things you just can't unsee. Two Girls One Cup. That dude with the gaping anus. Tubgirl. Horror fans are about to add another one to the list ... the first behind-the-scenes images of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton's remake of Dark Shadows.

Universal's Halloween Horror Night's Welcomes You to Alice Cooper's Nightmare

The third maze for Universal's upcoming Halloween Horror Nights event has been announced by rock legend, nightmare maker, and icon - Alice Cooper, and we have all of the details you need to prep yourself for dismemberment! From the Press Release

Dark Shadows: Behind-the-Scenes at Collinwood Manor

Every good vampire needs a badass place to shack up in. Dracula has his castle and Carfax Abbey, Barlow has the Marsten House overlooking Salem's Lot, and of course Barnabas Collins has Collinwood Manor. Speaking of which ...

Alice Cooper to Cast Some Dark Shadows

Here's some nifty little news for those of us out there who are eagerly anticipating Tim Burton's big screen adaptation of the classic television series "Dark Shadows". It sounds as if the great Alice Cooper himself may be taking a few moments to bring even more darkness to the tale.

Rock and Shock 2010 Coming to Worcester, Mass, This Weekend (Oct. 15-17)

October has already been dizzyingly packed with all manor of geekery and bloody great events up the ying yang, and now, just before the holiest of days (i.e., Halloween), we get to play at ROCK AND SHOCK! It all goes down October 15-17 at the DCU Center and the Palladium in Worcester, MA.

Guest List Expands for Rock and Shock 2010

The 7th annual Rock and Shock Horror and Music Festival has just expanded its guest list yet again, and we've got the lowdown on who's been added to join the previously announced Danny Trejo, George Romero, Adrienne Barbeau, GWAR, Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper, and many more.

Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper Bringing the Rock to Rock and Shock 2010

As part of their Gruesome Twosome tour, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper will be bringing the fine folks of Worcester, Massachusetts one hell of a stage show as the icons will be performing on Saturday, October 16th as part of this year's Rock and Shock!

Alice Cooper and his Daughter Tackle Silas Gore

Looks like Alice Cooper is headed back to his hometown of Detroit, and this has all the potential to be one of the coolest homecomings of all time.

SXSW '10: Suck On This Trailer

Another flick playing at this weekend's South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas is Rob Stefaniuk's new vampire comedy Suck. As a means to get you all ready for the fang-laden fun, a new festival trailer made its debut online; and we have it for you all juicy!

Alice Cooper to Give Broadway Nightmares?

Alice Cooper. The man is an absolute legend to us horror freaks, but outside of this circle of crazies, he remains a criminally underrated artist. One of the pioneers of glam rock, his Welcome to My Nightmare album may just well be the greatest piece of horror opera ever recorded, and who else is man enough to give Mr. Jason Voorhees his own ballad? After forty plus years in the music business, what’s left for Alice to do?