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Two Clips From Asylum Blackout Come to Light

Time to add a little darkness in the literal sense to your afternoon. Two new clips from Asylum Blackout (formerly The Incident (review here)) have made their way online and we have 'em both right here. Dig it!

All Spotlights on the Trailer for Asylum Blackout

Hot on the heels of yesterday's one-sheet debut for the newly renamed Asylum Blackout (formerly The Incident (review here)), we now have the trailer for you cats. Dig it!

Inmates Break Out in New Asylum Blackout One-Sheet

A new one-sheet for the newly named Asylum Blackout (formerly The Incident (review here)) has made its way online, and we have it for you right here complete with lunatics who have some red on them.

Learn About The Incident that Caused an Asylum Blackout

With a release date rapidly approaching, IFC Midnight has changed the name of its next title, The Incident (review here), to something a bit more on the nose - Asylum Blackout.

An Incident to Occur in Theatres This May

We've been talking about The Incident (review here) for quite some time here at DC, and we're happy to announce that the good folks over at IFC have finally firmed up a release date. Read on.

TIFF 11: The Incident Causes a Stir and Lands Distro Amongst the Chaos

There's nothing finer than hearing that a horror film affected folks so strongly that they fainted. It never ceases to amaze and amuse us, and that's just the case concerning the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of The Incident (review here).

TIFF 2011: Trailer Debut - The Incident

Another film having its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this year is a spooky little flick called The Incident (review here), and if you need proof of just how spooky the flick looks, wait until you dig on this new trailer.

Incident, The (2011)

Starring Rupert Evans, Kenny Doughty, Unax Ugalde, Dave Legeno, Anna Skellern, Richard Brake, Eric Godon, Joseph Kennedy, Marcus Garvey Directed by Alexandre Courtes

The Incident Happened? Really?

Way back in 2007 we reported on a flick called Incident at Sans Asylum. Time passed. Years went by. There was not a single solitary update to give. We assumed that the project went the way of the Dodo bird, but apparently it's been made ... and sold at Cannes.