Alexandre Aja

New Retro French Piranha 3D One-Sheet Offers Sea, Sex, and Blood!

Now this is pretty cool! Get ready to dig on the French teaser poster art for Alexandre Aja's 3D remake of the Roger Corman cult classic Piranha. It's been a long time coming so read on and tell us what you think!

New Piranha 3D One-Sheet Has Bite

Finally we have our first look at the teaser poster art for Alexandre Aja's 3D remake of the Roger Corman cult classic Piranha. It's been a long time coming so read on and tell us what you think!

A Dozen New Images from Aja's Piranha 3D

We know people are all down on 3D at the moment as the effect seems to be getting used as merely a marketing tool to make more money at the box office than it is a viable option to enhance the theatre going experience, but we're still damned excited for Alexandre Aja's 3D remake of Piranha.

Jerry O'Connell and His Wild Wild Girls Do Their Part for New Orleans in New Piranha Viral

The third in a series of viral videos showing off Jerry O'Connell's character and his faux show "Wild Wild Girls" has hit online, and though it's not as breasty as the first not safe for work viral video, it's not as flaccid as the second one either.

Piranha 3D Spawns a New Release Date

Given that Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D and Lionsgate's The Last Exorcism were sitting on top of the same August release date, it just makes sense for one of them to move and avoid another conflict like last year's The Final Destination versus Halloween II showdown, does it not?

Piranha 3D Spawns an International One-Sheet

Once again we're beaten to the punch on our own stuff here in the States. The new international one-sheet for Piranha 3D has hit the Web, and even though it kind of sucks, all I can wonder is where the hell is our official one-sheet?

New Piranha Viral Video Features Jerry O'Connell Touting The Many Uses of Wild Wild Girls

About a month ago we brought you a not safe for work viral video starring Jerry O'Connell and a throng of topless women. Today Part Two of said video has reared its head, but sadly it's nowhere near as titillating.

New Piranha 3D NSFW Viral Video Makes Good on Half Its Promise -- Lots of Boobs

For a while now we've been hearing nothing but the promise of lots of "boobs and blood" coming out of Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D camp. Well ... in this latest NOT SAFE FOR WORK viral video featuring star Jerry O'Connell and lots and lots of naked heaving breasts, you can consider half of that promise totally fulfilled.

Official Trailer - Aja's Piranha 3D

No more of that old trailer that has been jumping on and off the Internet for months! The full official trailer for Alexandre Aja's remake of the Roger Corman classic Piranha in 3D is here -- mean and meaty!

Some Random Piranha 3D Cast Interviews

We’ve been talking about Piranha 3D for a while now, a movie that promises to be worth the price of admission if only to see Eli Roth devastated by a school of ravenous, razor-mouthed piranha. While we wait for the gleefully R-rated remake to hit theaters this August, we’ve got some cast interviews to help tide you over.

The Piranha 3D Trailer Resurfaces

So a few months back via the power of bootlegging, fans got their first look at the teaser trailer for Alexandre Aja's upcoming Piranha 3D. It was dark, blurry, and small. Things got better as a clear version was posted on another site, but then they were ordered to take it down, too. Now the trailer has resurfaced so if you missed it back then, you can dig on it right now!

Adam Scott Talks Piranha 3D - It's All About Boobs and Blood! Hallelujah!

Know what gets under our skin? When celebrities are out promoting horror films that they're in and they refuse to admit that it's a horror movie. Like the genre is below them or something. One of the stars of Alexandre Aja's upcoming Piranha in 3D, Adam Scott, doesn't have such issues. In fact his recent interviews read like a breath of fresh air!

New Piranha 3D Still: Things Are a Bit Off-Kilter

We've finally got a look at the first official still from Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D, and yep, things definitely appear to be more than a little askew.

Piranha 3D New Title Treatment and Updated Website

Man, it seems as if we've been talking about Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D forever. Well, come August 27th the flick will have its judgment day, and we're all hoping it takes more than a big bite of the summer movie crop. To get us geared up, the official website has gotten a faceflift.

Alexandre Aja on Piranha 3D's Blood, Boobs, More Blood & Yes, Even More Boobs!

The jury's still out on whether Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D is going to contain more real horror than cheesy '80s-style comedy, but according to the director it should be a perfect mix of both. As he said in a recent interview, "Yes, it's super gory; yes, it's super scary; but it's also super fun."