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Enjoy a Clip from True Blood Ep. 7.09 - Love Is to Die; Official Synopsis for Series Finale Ep. 7.10 - Thank You

Well, fangbangers, this is it... the last two episodes of "True Blood" are upon us, and along with a sneak peek of Episode 7.09, "Love Is to Die," we have the official synopsis for the finale, Episode 7.10, "Thank You."

Get a Sneak Peek of True Blood Episode 7.08 - Almost Home

It used to be that a clip from an upcoming "True Blood" episode was cause for celebration. Now that the show is nearing its end? Not so much. Even so, enjoy this sneak peek of Episode 7.08, "Almost Home," and remember the glory days.

See a Quick Clip from True Blood Episode 7.07 - May Be the Last Time

As the final season of "True Blood" begins winding down, HBO is being a bit stingy with its sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, and all we have for you today is a quick 16-second clip from Episode 7.07, "May Be the Last Time."

Karma's a Bitch in this Sneak Peek of True Blood Episode 7.06

"True Blood" is winding down, and "Karma" comes into play in this weekend's upcoming Episode 7.06, the synopsis of which promises shocking discoveries, unlikely alliances, and more! Here's a sneak peek.

Get a Sneak Peek of True Blood Episode 7.05 - Lost Cause

HBO is being stingy with its "True Blood" clips this season... none last week and only one for the upcoming Episode 7.05, "Lost Cause." But we'll take what we can get as we prepare for the show's final SDCC panel on July 26th.

Death Is Not the End in this Preview of True Blood Episode 7.04

This final season of "True Blood" is keeping us on toes wondering which regular character is going to be killed off next. Luckily, as the title of Episode 7.04 reminds us, "Death Is Not the End." Here's a preview of the ep... can you guess who'll die on Sunday?

Get a Sneak Peek of True Blood Episode 7.03 - Fire in the Hole

So far HBO has only released one clip from the upcoming "True Blood" Episode 7.03, "Fire in the Hole," but we'll keep our eyes open for more. In the meantime here's a peek at Sookie and Bill... together again!

We Found a Pair of Clips from True Blood Episode 7.02 - I Found You

Now that "True Blood" is back on the air, HBO is back to its usual routine of releasing a pair of clips a few days before each new episodes airs. Case in point: these two sneak peeks of Episode 7.02, "I Found You," that we just discovered online.

Get a Peek of the Weeks Ahead in True Blood Season 7

Following up last night's premiere of "True Blood" Season 7, HBO has released a super-sized preview of what's ahead before the show reaches its true death. The question beckons: Does anyone care anymore?

Drink in a Trio of New True Blood Clips from the Season 7 Premiere

Hey, fangbangers! Are you ready for the final season of "True Blood"? Curious to see how it all ends? Well, now you can get a look at how it all begins as HBO has just released three new clips from this Sunday's Season 7 premiere. Check 'em out!

Relive the Glory of True Blood Seasons 1-6 with this Awesome Recap Video!

Despite a few (okay, several) missteps along the way, we're still anxious to see how the final season of "True Blood" plays out; but before we do, here's a pretty killer video recapping Seasons 1-6 that reminds us of the show's glory days.

See HBO's True Blood: A Farewell to Bon Temps in its Entirety

With everything there is to watch on Sunday night, it's likely that you either forgot about or didn't have time to watch "True Blood: A Farewell to Bon Temps" last night, but don't fret... HBO has released it online, and we have it for you right here!

New Teaser for True Blood Season 7 Counts Down the Final Week Until the Premiere

With just one week until the premiere of Season 7 of "True Blood," the show's final season, HBO has released another teaser trailer, and this one's introduced by series regular Sam Trammell. Check it out right here, and let us know how you plan to say au revoir to Bon Temps.

See a Teaser of HBO's True Blood: A Farewell to Bon Temps Airing June 15th

No doubt we've all marked our calendars for June 22nd, which is when the final season of HBO's "True Blood" begins, but the week before, on June 15th, the network is airing "True Blood: A Farewell to Bon Temps," and we have a teaser right here.

True Blood Season 7 Tidbits: Is Eric Alive; Who Are the New Regulars; Is Lettie Mae a Hep V Carrier; and Lots More!

Now that Season 6 of "True Blood" is just a memory, it's time to look ahead to Season 7 with showrunner Brian Buckner. Just beware of spoilers if you're not caught up!