Alexander Doulerain

Don't Believe What You See in this Trailer for Branded

During last month's San Diego Comic-Con, a trailer arrived for Jamie Bradshaw and Alexander Doulerain' Branded, and today we have a slightly different version of it to share. Check it out, but don't believe what you see!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Co-Director Jamie Bradshaw Talks Branded and More

While at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, Dread Central had the opportunity to catch up with first-time filmmaker and co-writer Jamie Bradshaw in anticipation of the September 7th release date of his upcoming dystopic thriller called Branded.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Get Branded by this New Trailer

Day Two of the mega-show known as the San Diego Comic-Con is off and running like a freight train of absolute and total nerddom, and we've got a gazillion trailers waiting in the wings for you cats. First up is the new trailer for Branded.