Alex Vincent

Alex Vincent's House Guest Ready to be Invited to Your Home!

What is Child's Play star Alex Vincent up to these days, aside from appearing as a regular on the convention scene and signing 8x10s of his younger self and his good friend Chucky? Well, he's just written his own horror movie, which he also stars in!

Indie Horror Month 2013: Child's Play's Alex Vincent Has a Deadly House Guest

Child's Play star Alex Vincent is through tangling with possessed dolls and has an even bigger problem on his hands in his latest feature, House Guest. Read on for the first artwork and details.

Alex Vincent
 Talks Child's Play and the Upcoming Video Game

Days of the Dead II is taking place this weekend in Atlanta, and one very memorable face from my childhood is here— Alex Vincent, aka Andy in the Child's Play series. We chatted a bit about his experiences on the set of Child's Play as well as TikGames' upcoming Chucky game.

Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition Art Arrives!

STYD received the cover art for what is now known as Child's Play: Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition. We were expecting something with a little more zazz. Remember the Child's Play collection that came out a couple of years ago? How about something creepy like that? Jazz it up with a buttload of zazz.

Chucky's Packing a Lotta Extras

On September 9th, the same day as the new Pumpkinhead DVD, Child's Play will be hitting store shelves again as it reaches 20 years since the killer doll ravaged a kid and his mom with voodoo and murder.